Photo: Christian Eberl.

It’s been a while, but Six of the Best finally returns cracking its many-tailed whip on Finnish uber-tweaker, liability of an evening and owner of hands down THE finest moustache in snowboarding: Ladies and gents... Joonas Mustonen.

Six of the Best…


1. Get drunk. 2. Lose your phone. 3. Lose all your friends. 4. Then pass out. 5. Wake up and try to figure out what happen. 6. Hardest one: get back home safe. Those are my usual tricks.


1. Whisky. 2. Water. 3. Coffee. 4. Beer (I mean Karhu beer). 5. Someone’s pee. 6. Snow.

people to shred with?

1. My girlfriend. 2. All the Roistola guys. 3. Back home: Meri-teijo boys. 4. Guys in Mayrhofen. 5. Someone new who you don’t know and he is so much better than you. 6. When we teach Jon Weaver how to ride!


1. My uncle. 2. Finnish actor in the film 'Raid'. 3. Lemmy. 4. Stalin. 5. Einstein. 6. Magnum P.I.

things you did last winter?

1. Went to Laax. 2. Left from Laax. 3. Stay almost all season in Mayrhofen. 4. Visit the States. 5. Party hardy. 6. Shit on my pants.

Age: 24 Hometown: Turku, Finland Sponsors: Forum, Special Blend, Transform gloves, Von Zipper, Union Five shop.