Have you ever noticed how many super-talented Finnish riders started their career at Hammer snowboards? Jesse Hyvary back in the days, then Joni Makinen, Heppu Penti at present… And in between, there was Joni Malmi. Isn’t it weird? Anyway, enough rambling. We’re here to talk about today’s Joni. And today the Finnish star is ripping harder than ever. Let us remind you that Malmi is one of the famed Forum riders, and has been since the beginning, thanks to his unique steez and strong video parts (remember The Resistance?). Nowadays he’s got his Forum pro model, and he’s even got his own brand (www.makiaclothing.com) that he launched with his friend Jussi Oksanen. They also organise the Joni & Jussi Invitational, part of the TTR series. You can see the boy is pretty busy, but he found some time to pose for us and show us his latest kit. Da style Master!

Age: 25

Favourite resort: Talma, Finland, and The Block in Big Bear

Chosen board: Forum Joni Malmi

Chosen boots: Forum Kicker

Chosen bindings: Forum

Chosen outerwear: Special Blend

Goggles: Oakley’s

Other sponsors: www.makiaclothing.com

What is it specifically that you like about your chosen board? How it handles, and the graphics of course...

Do you change boards for different snow conditions? I ride my 57 in powder, 54 in park and 49 on rails.

Do you have forward lean on your bindings? No.

What angles do you have your bindings? Front +17, back –9.

Are the boots you like hard or soft? Soft. I find it hard to find soft enough boots. I hate breaking them in.

Do you like tight or loose laces? I like 'em tight so my leg doesn't move inside the boot. The boot itself I like to be soft so I don't feel like I'm wearing ski boots.

Hood up or down? It depends…

Pants high or low? Comfortable.

Jacket open or closed? Closed.