In readying ourselves for the onslaught that will be the European Tour for Forum or Against Em we hit up another rider to find out more about Europe, filming, other team dudes and, of course, the new rave scene… Ladies and gents Finnish shred machine Joni Malmi.

Hey Joni, it was so good to see you getting on it again this year, how was your season in general, did you get everything done you wanted?

Yeah it was fun. I took a couple of weeks off at the wrong time and missed some really good days and my friend accidentally deleted 2 of bangers that we filmed... but otherwise it was great.

So Joni, along with Peter Line you’re the legends of the team, how many of these video tours have you been on now?

Probably around 8 to 10.

What was the most memorable and why?

It must of been one of the early ones that we did for the "Resistance". We did like 20 stops in Europe and it was crazy mayhem at every stop.

Where did you spend your winter this year then?

In Quebec and Whistler mainly.

And summer? Back home in Finland yeah?

Yeah. I'm also working on my street wear label Makia, so that consumes all the extra time. I also got a bit in to road bikes. I just did a 140km bicycle race the other weekend, it took me 4h40min, but my bike broke down. I'm gonna practice for next summer though.

You have seen a lot of riders through the years, how did Daniel [Ek] and John Jackson get on their first year with the crew?

Well, Daniel broke himself off on his skateboard early in the season and John is already a seasoned pro, so he can handle what is put in front of him. They're both super good talented individuals...

You were with me in Zermatt a few years back when we first met Daniel, he has come on pretty good since then hey…

Yeah. He just needs to learn how to hold back a little. He seems to charge so hard every time he straps on that it's either all or nothing... and like that it's hard to get through a season of filming, haha.

So you introduced jeans to Europe at BEO a few years back, then stripey jumpers, where are you taking fashion next?

To the "new rave" scene...

Where is the best place to ride in Europe apart from Finland?

Chamonix or Norway...

How are the indoor halls of Holland? I saw you got on pretty good with the air bags there...?

Yeah, it was awesome to huck yourself on that pillow... indoor snow is better than dry slope for sure...

Thanks Joni see you on the road!

Catch Joni DJing at Kanzlei in Zurich on October 12th, after the premiere of Forum or Against Em!