Name: Jonas Gustavsson

Age: 22

Years riding: 9

Sponsors: Albin Snowboards,, Quiksilver Eyewear, DaKine

Stance: Goofy

Nationality: Swedish

Hobbies: Reading, skate and just chillin’ out with friends

Music: Rock’n’roll

Favourite resort: Tärnaby and Klitvallen, Sweden

Favourite trick and why: Backside 5, I like blind landings

Perhaps the most puzzling of all English expressions, apart from ‘raining cats and dogs’, is without a doubt ‘the dog’s bollocks’. This idiom must not only seem a bit strange to foreigners but also for the English themselves. What kind of screwed up person was allowed to establish that a pair of sweaty, hairy and saggy dog-balls should come to signify something that is of uttermost quality? “My mom’s meatballs are the dog’s bollocks." Gross, I tell you.

Jonas Gustavsson’s riding is the dog’s bollocks. Not only in the sense of good, but it’s also sweaty, hairy and saggy. He’s the friggin’ ka-ka on a snowboard. Growing up in Örebro, Sweden, Jonas learned to snowboard nearly a decade ago in Kläppen, the resort that nowadays hosts one of Sweden’s better parks. During the weekends, and pretty much any other free time, he’d also frequent the local resort of Storstenshöjden.

A few years later he moved up north and started at the snowboard high school in Vännäs, where he met like-minded people from all around Sweden. Last year he hooked up with Nitro youngster Anton Gunnarsson, and the two of them joined the Skullfilms Productions crew with, amongst others, Niklas Byström and Hans Åhlund. This season will mainly hold work for the Skullfilms’ project, but rest assured, he will soon grace the pages of Onboard yet again.