What's up Erik? Where you're at and what's the plan?

Hey man! Im back home skating a lot and working out, getting ready for the winter. The plan is to go to Hintertux the 2nd of October for some pre season shredding. And then over to the States for some more shredding. Its gone be fuuuuun. Can't wait for the winter to get here!

Nice one! You just got back from Munich. What happened there?

I was at the premiere of the new Isenseven movie Let's Go Get Lost. It was fun, crazy premier and a lot of people.

Hope people were stoked on the movie!

I heard people were stoked. And you must have been stoked as you got the last part again...

Yeah, that was fun. It's cool to get the last part two years in a row. It's nice to see some of the work you put down get paid back!

Did you put a lot of work into the ladies that night?

Always... Hehe...

Where can we watch the teaser?



Okay, back to riding. You are one of the rookies filming for the Nitro movie. Tell us a little bit more about that.

Im super stoked to be able to film for a project like that. I think the movie is going to be sick! Can't wait to go film with the Nitro crew!

Where will you be going with the Nitro crew and who will you be riding with?

I don't know yet, but I think the plan is to hang out in the States a lot trying to shred as much pow as possible... We will see who the crew is going to be. I don't think it's planed as yet.

Any preferred snowborders to hang out with and shoot?

Hmm, haven't been filming too much with the guys at Nitro. But I know it's going to be fun filming with Eero, Knut Elliasen and Andreas Wiig. Yeahhhh!

Thinking about your part... did you set yourself any goals? Any tricks you are working on?

I want to get a full part for sure. And try to throw down some new shit. Do the best I can...

Thanks heaps, Erik!

No worries, keep it real.

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DOB: May 30th 1988

Home: Oslo/Norway

Stance: Regular