Introducing our new 'All Time series', taking a look at the key riders, movies, spots and tricks that have inspired and shaped some of the top snowboarders on the planet. First up, none other than Icelandic bossman Halldor Helgason.

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Halldor Helgason has captured an entire generation of snowboarders with his zero-fucks-given approach to snowboarding, supreme talent and unique personality.

We sat down with him last summer at Mt. Hood to find out some of his all-time favourites in snowboarding, from his favourite movie part, to his all-time favourite place to ride.

Hit NEXT to discover or re-live Halldor's All Time favourite things in snowboarding or skip to the full video here.

"My favourite snowboard movie of all time is gonna be 'The Resistance' - the Forum movie, because that was the first movie me and my brother kinda saw and we watched it on repeat over and over again for so long."

"I gotta say Jeremy Jones in 'Shakedown' was really really good. Just a good song and he was sending it like always, and it was always fun to watch JP and Jeremy's parts. Yeah, we were always super stoked to see those."

I have a few really high class contests that I really like, it's AK Extreme - my local contest in my home town of Akureyri, and then Frontline Rail Jam, the sickest rail jam because it's just like so mellow and just a good start to the season.

And a contest back in the day that I used to love was the Oxborn sessions. It was a big air and a hip and they had like 15 minutes of style, 15 minutes of mayhem, 15 minutes of highest air and I just really liked the setup of the contest.

"My favourite place to go snowboard of all time is my hometown of Akureyri, because we know the whole place, we know all the spots and that's where i've been spending the most of my time as well.

It's of course so good for the street spots because we know all of them and we actually created a few spots as well, and then the resort is called Hlíðarfjall and it's a really fun resort. There's not really any park, there's a few rails and a few small jumps and then just natural hits and cruising all over the place."

"That's gonna be a method for sure. I dunno, it's just so mellow and when you get it like the right way it's just so perfect."