We decided to get under the skin of an assortment of pro riders by posing one question and seeing how they stack up. For this edition of The Question we asked “Which riders inspire and stoke you out today?"

Sound off with your own answers below...

Niklas Mattsson


You always look up to the contest riders, because that's what we do. Like Mark [McMorris], when he's riding you really see that he knows what he's doing, it looks so simple. So him for sure. Mikkel Bang, since I was like 16 looking at all the pro riders Mikkel was up there as a role model for me, I love his style and what he's doing with his snowboard. Also Danny Davis, he inspired me a lot when he took the progression another way at the X Games with his switch Method. That's what I was trying to do at the US Open, not going with the mainstream, doing simple tricks, switch and the judges loved it and gave me high scores. he's a big inspiration for me.

Cheryl Maas

xCherylMaas_22407_Mayrhofen_MattGEORGES 2

Eero Ettala. He rides so smooth and can do it all. He has so much passion for snowboarding and that is great to see! He is always pushing himself.

Seppe Smits


Hard to say, there's a bunch. I like the way Mark [McMorris] shreds. He kills it on the jumps and rails, super consistent. He's a big inspiration. Sage Kotsenburg is a pretty cool shredder too. What he does is pretty special, I try to copy some of his tricks but most of them are too hard for me. Most of the flatgound stuff he does is pretty insane.

Christian Haller


I get stoked on a lot of different riders. I like to ride with Ben Ferguson and Danny Davis. But I like Mike Rav and Dylan Gamache's style as well.

Roope Tonteri


Ben Ferguson. It's always a pleasure to watch him ride and always good to ride with him. He's always down to go snowboarding. Also my Finnish friend Sami Luhtanen - he's just crazy, but in a good way, and we always have little battle when we ride together so he really inspires me and pushes me forward, especially in the streets. If he does something I need to do it as well. Till next time, Sami.

Will Smith


A lot of people. Keegan Valaika and Louif are like all time favourites of mine and but so many people now rip! Kas Lemmans blows my mind every time he straps into a snowboard – dude’s just got such a good style and so much board control it’s ridiculous. Jake OE is a G though his snowboarding is really unique and his trick choice is always sick. Danimals, Kuzyk, Sparrow, Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Ollie Dutton all the friends I get to ride with.

Boris Mouton


I'll say Halldor and Sage for sure. They're keeping it real and find new stuff, they have their own style and I think now, you can see that all the other riders riding in the Federation don't have their own style, everyone rides the same, even when they get super creative they still follow the same kind of lines. They don't have their own style you know, that's what is cool with Halldor and Sage, they have that.