We decided to get under the skin of an assortment of pro riders by posing one question and seeing how they stack up. For this edition of The Question we asked: "Which rider influenced you most as a kid?"

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Eiki Helgason


It was JP Walker, for sure, and the whole Forum team back then. Because the first snowboard movie I saw was The Resistance.

Tor Lundstom


I thought the Burton grom team was the sickest. Mikkel Bang, Freddy Austbo and Luke Mitrani... Just 'cause they were kids just like me and I thought if those kids can ride like that, I can too one day if I do it enough.

Niklas Mattson


When I was little I didn't look up to pro riders, I was always riding with my brothers, so they were my biggest role models. When I was like 15 and I got up there all my classmates asked me who my favourite riders were and I always said my brothers. I had to study some snowboarding when I got into the snowboard academy, when I was 16, just studying all the pro riders to get to know what contest they went to and when. I was so busy with my own riding before I didn't focus on anyone else or what tricks they were doing.

Silje Norendal


There's two. Kjersti Buass and Jamie Anderson. I still look up to both of them, not just because they're both amazing riders, but really good role models and good human beings. I use to fan out pretty hard. I remember watching Kjersti at the Norwegian champs, being the kid who was too shy to say hi. We had the Norwegian Champs in my home town one year so the local newspaper took a picture of me and Kjersti. That was crazy for me, I was so excited and asked her to sign my jacket but she didn't want to because she was scared of ruining it, she did eventually. That's crazy looking back on that.

Cheryl Maas


It wasn’t one person. It was the whole Forum team!

Pat Burgener


There are too many riders that inspired me as a kid, not only riders but personalities (athletes, musicians, actors etc). I just took anything I liked from all these people to become myself. But Danny Davis, Ipod, Danny Kass and Markus Keller were for sure my favourites in the sport.

Benny Urban

vans benny urban

JP Walker and Louif Paradis. JP because he basically started the whole street thing and I was always so impressed by what's actually possible. Louif because I've always been a big fan of his style, creativity, spot and trick choice.

Mario Kaeppeli


I think way back in the days it was Gian Simmen. He won the Olympics and was pretty much the man for snowboarding here in Switzerland... As I got more into filming and riding backcountry i saw up to Gigi [Rüf], Pat Moore or [Nicolas] Müller... I'm still inspired by them now. But there are so many other riders I'm hyped on, like Mat Schaer or Fredrik Evensen, these kids are killing it. But I'm not only inspired by riders because of their riding; there is so much more! like Jake Welch, he is one of the coolest people I've ever met!