Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 120, February 2011

Illustration: Matt Ward

In early November, we accompanied the Nike 6.0 team on a short trip from Manchester to Halifax. We shared the car with Kevin Backström, Jamie

Nicholls and Gjermund Braaten and having spaced out the Travel Scrabble set we decided it was time we played a little game of Knowledge. Since Gjermund had already taken part in our vastly popular online version back in February, it was to be between the UK’s biggest shred asset and one of Sweden’s upcoming stars. Read on to fi nd out who knows more about our passion’s glorious past & present.

1. What is Eiki Helgason’s board sponsor?

J: Rome.

K: Rome.

Bang. One point each. Jamie 1 – Kevin 1.

2. What year was the fi rst Arctic Challenge held?

K: 1993?

J: 1994?

Both are wrong. The correct answer is 1999. Jamie 1 – Kevin 1.

3. The Robot Food Movies were Afterbang, Lame and...?

J: Afterlame.

K: Afterlame.

Both have the correct answer. Afterlame was released in 2004 to complete the legendary Robot Food Trilogy. Jamie 2 – Kevin 2.

4. Who won last year’s Air&Style in Innsbruck?

J: Marko Grilc

K: Marko Grilc

What can we say? They know their shred history. Jamie 3 – Kevin 3.

5. Can you name all fi ve Tyrolean glaciers?

J: Kaunertal... Hintertux... is Dachstein one? Stubai...

K: Kaunertal, Stubai, Hintertux, Dachstein... and there’s one more... I’m just going to say... I don’t know.

Alas, Dachstein, while in Austria, is not in Tyrol. Both are also missing Sölden and Pitztal. No points this time. Still Jamie 3 – Kevin 3

6. What’s the new People crew movie called?

K: Do you know it, Jamie? I have no idea.

J: Cheers.

Jamie has the right answer. Jamie 4 – Kevin 3.

7. Which US state is Jake Blauvelt from?

J: Utah?

K: I really don’t know... Maybe Vermont?

Unbelievably, Kevin’s wild guess is correct. Backcountry slayer Jake Blauvelt is originally an icy East Coast local. Jamie 4 – Kevin 4.

8. Who did Travis Rice share his legendary Chad’s Gap session with as documented in Absinthe’s Pop?

K: Maybe some... I don’t know.

J: I’m just trying to remember his name... Romain de Marchi.

Jamie is right. If you don’t know yourself we highly recommend checking out the opening section of the movie! Jamie 5 – Kevin 4.

9. Who won women’s Gold in the Halfpipe at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City?

J: Kelly Clark.

K: Kelly Clark.

One point each. Jamie 6 – Kevin 5.

After question number nine things deteriorated into an all-car quick fire quiz. We had to put an end to our offi cial game and declare Jamie Nicholls the winner. He beat his teammate Kevin by one point. Congratulations to the young Yorkshire lad