Sane’s ‘Innsbrooklyn‘s Finest’ Premiere Coming Up – Interview on the Crew’s Last Decade

Sane! Snowboarding Celebrates 10 Years With Premiere Party

[Gang related. Some of the Sane! crew about to unleash mayhem at last year’s inaugural Sane Spring Break.]

Innsbruck-based Sane! Snowboarding are about to drop their 10th movie, so to mark the occasion – and hype up for the IBK premiere – we sat down with OG gang member Max Glatzl to rap about the crew’s history, and what we can expect from Innsbruck’s Finest

This latest film, Innsbruck’s Finest, will be your 10th snowboard movie. But as a crew have you been together longer? How did Sane! start out?

Actually everything began in Innsbrooklyn 10 years ago. All of us were young, hyped as fuck to send it and just wanted to go shred and turn it up, man. We, the OG members of the crew, met each other in a huge flat where 10 people were living in the Maria Theresienstraße. We were mostly partying there, makin’ bullshit, dating girls and just having a good time. Beside that we were also snowboarding and trying to kill it on the mountains as well! Over time we ended up hanging together almost everyday and started to form our GANG. We were all huge fans of Fourm at that time and thought that it would be cool to have a brand like that. So we began to make our own first shirts, beanies, hoodies and shit.

Whose idea was it to produce your first movie? And what kind of equipment did you use to film and edit it? Did you have much of a clue what you were doing? 

Thats a pretty funny story! The wholle gang was chilling at Phil’s flat. We were hanging there a lot – 10 people were living there together and it was always party, girls, smoking and just having fun, haha. At that night we had a pre-party going on there and started to get faded again. At some point Phil came up with idea that he would edit a snowboard movie with all the shots we stacked through the season. The movie is called IBK Days but it’s not the one we uploaded 10 years ago. It’s actually the unofficial first Sane Movie – all in all we should have named it Party & Bullshit. There are snowboard shots, party shots and some other shit involved so that we couldn’t release it for the public, haha. We had a Sony Tape cam and actually no clue at all what we were doing; we just gave it a go! Good times though!

How do you feel when you look back on your early movies?

Man, it’s crazy to watch all those movies. Time went by so fast! To be honest it’s super funny though to watch all the old footage. You can see exactly how all the new tricks, styles, vibes and shit came up and changed every year. Also it makes us very proud that we already have made so many movies over the time! Beyond that it’s cool to see all the riders grow up and also see how they’ve improved their riding. And of course all the flashbacks of the great memories, hahaha!

Peter Walchhofer. Photo: Patrick Steiner

Which of the crew from the OG movie are in the new one?

There is Steve Grumser, Benno Bauer, Thomas Hörhager and Michi Schatz. That’s it from the OGs.

What do you have to do to be in the crew? Both back then, and now? Drink bong water or anything like that?

Hahaha, you know the deal. First you gotta smoke a pure bong and then chug the the whole bong water. If you have to puke you aint gonna make into the Gang. Haha, nah that’s just bullshit. Honestly back then it was all about hanging out together. The OG gang members were doing shit as a crew almost everyday and that’s how the gang thing also started. It’s kinda the same today. If you hang a lot with us you just kinda slide into it. Sometimes we also ask people if they wanna be part of the crew. That’s pretty much it.

Sane’s Rinn jib park is titties yo.

Who’s in Innsbruck’s Finest? And what can we expect from it? 

There are Michi Schatz, Max Glatzl, Thomas Hörhager, Marvin Salmina, Peter Walchhofer, Luki Brander, Lorenz Vyslyzil, Steve Grumser, Benno Bauer, Simon Pircher, Steve Küberl, Flo Corzelius, Max Zebe, Manu Bernert, Thomas Enk and Mario Käppeli. It’s gonna be a little different to the movies before. We tried to make it a little different with the music and everything. It’s defenitely gonna be a nice movie to watch which gets you hyped to go snowboarding, party, have a good time and send it! There are a few guys that were stacking bangers! Everyone for sure got some nice shots in it! So peep that shit!

Aside from around your IBK hood, where else did you travel to shoot for the movie last winter? 

We mostly filmed in the Tirolian area and some of the guys went to Vorarlberg. The biggest highlight last season was defenitely the Sane! Spring Break at Nordkette Skylinepark. Fort guys who dont know about it yet, we had the biggest and most creative set up Nordkette has ever seen. Two Weeks of pure fun and shred mayhem. This year it’s gonna go down again from 16.03.2018 – 08.04.2018. So save the date and stay tuned! It’s gonna be wild!

Michi Schatz aka DONIBK. Photo: Theo Acworth

You’re synonymous with IBK. How much do you film around home? And how important to you is it to showcase the goods around Innsbruck?

We try to film as much as possible at home. If there is a lot of snow in Innsbruck it’s for sure one of the best places that you can shred and shoot! We’ve got everything from street, pow to park – really everything. For us it’s really important to show how good IBK really can be. It’s our hometown and we are pretty proud to represent our city!

Obviously you think that full movies still have an important role to play in these days of double-tapping digital overload. Why do you think it’s important to have something more thought out than an Instagram clip?

We think it’s important to have something like a full movie because of exactly what you said. We live in a world these days where social meda is everything. Almost everyday another banger trick or something weird goes viral on the internet. The thing is that you freak out seconds after you watched, but you also forget it a couple of days afterwards.

In our eyes it’s different with a full movie. First of all you have to put your phone away for 10 to 20 minutes and really focus on the movie if you don’t wanna miss something. It’s such a nice feeling to enjoy the movie and not think about anything else. You are just stoked on snowboarding. Moreover it’s pretty cool to see what a crew made throughout the season and what they spent their sweat, tears and work on. Also it’s cool if you can hype other people to go shred and send it with your own movie.

The most important fact we would say though is the feeling every year as a crew when you achieve another full movie and really make it happen again. Like we talked earlier, there’s no better stoke for us to watch all the old movies we already made and its gonna be the same with this one.

The gang.

What’s your advice to young crews just starting out, and thinking of making an edit or even a movie?

Just go for it and send it! There will be a lot of ups and downs but it’s always worth it! The best thing to start with is probably to think about your goals and what you wanna achieve. Always set the goals high and try to make the best out of it. It’s also not bad to have a good time management either: sometimes we had the problem that we started building the spot too late and ended up shoveling into the night, haha. Never forget about having fun!

Do you have any premieres planned? 

Yes we do! There’s gonna be a premiere 16.02.18 at Jimmys Innsbruck. After that we are gonna put the movie straight online for all of you guys! Stay tuned!

What’s next on the cards for the Sane crew?

We got Sane! Spring Break #2 comin up! This year it’s gonna be even longer from 16.03.18 – 08.04.18 . That means straight 4 weeks of Awesomeness! We will build a bigger and even more crazier set up than last year. We’ve also got banger afterparties going down every weekend at the Iglo up on Nordkette and at Jimmys. The last weekend is gonna be a really special one!

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