We decided to get under the skin of an assortment of pro riders by posing one question and seeing how they stack up. For this instalment we asked “What was the first board you remember really wanting to have?"

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Len Jørgensen


"A Forum Youngblood. At the time I had a kid's board and the other boys on hill started to get, like, proper snowboards. And the Forum Youngblood was the sickest one."

Seppe Smits


"I wanted to get the Burton Custom. They don't have that board anymore, but it had a sick graphic. I remember my second board I had was one my brother gave me, but the board I really wanted to get was that one Burton Custom, the beige-ish one."

Eiki Helgason


"I always wanted a Forum board but I think I have never actually even tried one yet, so that is still on my list, haha!"

Niklas Mattsson


"I think it was a Burton Seven. My brother had one and it was so sick with all the graphics. I loved that. I got it when he was done with it, he gave it to me. It was a sick board for sure."

Tor Lundstrom


"The Shaun White board with the rabbit on the back... 'cause it was a Shaun White board, hehe."

Eero Ettala


"It was the Aleksi Litovaara pro model from Rossignol. I remember going to the store and looking at it so many times, but it was just way too expensive for me to get. Just seeing Aleksi ride that same board with the fin graphics on it, really made me want to ride the same board."

Mario Käppeli


"I think it was a Scotty Wittlake's pro model on M3. I was so much into Punk Rock and wanted to have this board so bad. I saved all my money and bought it! Two weeks later I fucked it up and was super pissed!"

Christian Haller


"It was a Burton Chopper 118, because most of my favorite riders at that time were on Burton."