One question. A buncha answers from snowboarding's great and good. This time round, we queried: "If you were designing a slopestyle course, how would it look?"

Feel free to add your own answers below, yo!

Roope Tonteri


"I would start with couple of rails into the pipe walls, two or three jumps, and end the whole thing with big-ass hip."

Eiki Helgason


"I would make a slopestyle course look like a steep street hill with a lot of street hits, like rails and gaps and maybe end on a mellow roof gap. I think that would be sick."

Boris Mouton


"I'm not gonna build like a halfpipe in the middle, that's for sure! Some contests did that and now everyone is doing it because it's cool. I think you can find different ways. It's hard to say."

Niklas Mattsson


"I already have one course that I want to do, and hopefully I can make it happen with X Dubai, with the World Snowboard Tour as well and show them what we want to do and what we want in a slopestyle course. like start off with a big hip with landings on both sides, then into a quarter and rail section with two rails and a roller into a kicker, like Danny Davis did with Peace Park. For sure more trannies."

Cheryl Maas


"I would start of with an old car jib, then a few normal rails. Two big jumps and ending with a spine/hip. The Snow Jam in Czech was pretty fun - Two hips into a pipe, then some bonk/rail features and a big jump."

Eero Ettala

Eero fun flipping in Japan. Switch of course. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi

"It would look something a bit more creative, than your average slopestyle course. I think the Laax Open did pretty good job with creating an interesting slope course. Something like that, I guess, but bit more fun and playful."

Nicolas Müller


"How would a slopestyle course look if I designed it? It would be the world’s weirdest natural halfpipe gully run."

Mario Käppeli

Mario's part from TfA's Medium Raw is  sick. Check it. Photo: Patrick Steiner

"No rails, haha! I would do a fun course with little BMX jumps, a snake run, some side hits and stuff like that. Just small stuff which are fun to ride!"