We decided to get under the skin of an assortment of pro riders by posing one question and seeing how they stack up. For this edition of The Question we asked “What's the craziest thing you've ever seen anyone do on a snowboard in real life?"

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Seppe Smits


Yuki Kadono back to back triples at the US Open. I was at the bottom watching it live, that was insane. Everyone just exploded when he landed that second one. I'm not sure if the triple 16s will happen again but back to back triples for sure.

Benny Urban


My friend Basti Rittig making it to the end of an 84-metre long rail.

Silje Norendal


I was pretty excited when I saw Marcus [Kleveland] try his quad in Stuabi. I've never seen anyone rotate as fast as that kid. And when he goes off the knuckles and stuff, that's really cool.

Will Smith

Will Smith draws power from his front board.

I'm not sure. I know that, at the Onboard Send Off Sessions in Stubai, Werni Stock was hitting the hip that no one the whole week went anywhere near pretty much – except Len Jørgensen. But Werni just rolled up for one day and sent it straight from the highest he could go and went to the end of the hip. I swear that thing’s landing was like 15 or 17 meters of 75 degrees. So it was massive.

Len Jørgensen


I’ve seen a lot crazy things go down up at the jump at Folgefonna and Vierli. And I remember Ulrik [Badertscher] doing a backside 1620 up in Breck when they had a Dew Tour Big Air. That was unlike any other thing I’ve ever seen.

Ståle Sandbech


I've seen a lot of crazy shit, dude. The hand drag double flip Alek [Østreng] did in Perisher was insane. That might be one of the craziest things ever. So proper as well. His head is touching the snow, or maybe it's his board. But, yeah, that was mental.


Eero Ettala


Either Seb Toots overshooting the Air+ Style big air jump on his first try in the training and breaking his ankles, or Andreas Wiig first track backside rodeo 7 down the DCP cliff. Both were crazy to watch in different ways.

Enni Rukajärvi


One of my high school mates did a bomb drop from ice hockey hall roof to maybe a 2m long and 2m wide landing without snow anywhere else than in the landing. That or spring time 2008 when Scotty Lago and Peetu Piiroinen were jumping over the halfpipe in Vuokatti.