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[Tor and his rig. Photo: Cyril Mueller]

As one half of the BYNDXMDLS duo, Tor Lundström has become one of the most ubiquitous Euroboarders of the digital age thanks to his and Kevin Bäckström’s wildly popular web series that’s been blazing the pipes over the last couple years. This year, the boys decided to go back to the future, save the most bang-worth bangers, and dropped their first proper movie, Vacation Forever, on October 26. This Swedish stallion is one solid, powerful rider with the grace of a big cat, so with the movie dropped and him finally off the premiere tour party bus we took the opportunity to get the nitty gritty on the hardware that Tiger Tor gets busy on…


Bataleon Goliath + / €529.99

What’s the most important thing you look for in a board?

I like to try to always ride the same board because I’m too lazy change it if I want to ride rails or jumps or whatever. I like a board that works for everything. I like a pretty stiff board with a lot of pop.

So, for you then, that sums up the Goliath + pretty well?

Yeah, pretty much! The Goliath is quite stiff, has lots of pop and it’s a good board for park, pow, rails, jumps… it’s just a really good all-round board that gives you a lot of response.

What benefits do you feel the Freestyle 3BT giving you?

Yeah, for sure. I feel like I don’t think about it any more, but I remember the first week I was riding the boards I really felt the difference. The difference is the edge engages a tiny, tiny, tiny bit later – it’s still there and just as effective – but it means it’s harder to catch an edge and it’s in a way more playful. That’s why I like to ride 3BT with a pretty stiff board, because it means you can ride an aggressive board and at the same time it’s playful in a way.

Where would you put it on the stiffness scale, if 1 is a long night of gassy beer followed by a fumble with the last girl on the dancefloor and 10 is Viagra-fuelled bedroom bossanova with Pamela Anderson in her prime?

Haha. Maybe a seven.

Was it your go-to board for all kinds of days shooting for the BYNDxMDLS movie, or do you switch up to other Bataleons?

I rode the Goliath + and the Jam. The Jam is a little bit stiffer, while the Goliath is a bit more fun. I like to take the Jam in pow, a longer stiff one. It’s just a bit more directional, a bit more aggressive, so it’s great for charging pow or if you want to ride fast. It’s so good for carving and throwing stuff off the sides and going fast.

How much input do you and the team have in the boards’ development?

We for sure have input. They always ask us what we like, and what we liked about last year’s models, and what we would like to see in the graphics too. If we want to get something through it’s really easy because it’s not a super huge company and we know the guys who run Bataleon and the owner real well, so if we want to change something we can just tell them and they would be happy to listen to us. But they have so many types of boards for different types of riding, and I’ve found the boards I really like, so I haven’t really had a lot to say to them for input. I like it as it is.

Which kind of rider would you recommend the Goliath + to?

Somebody that likes to ride all around: park, pow… just an all-round rider that likes to go fast.

[The base of Tor’s Goliath + was getting a bit chilly, so he decided to give it a bit of tan time. Photo: Cyril Mueller]

[Tor Lundstrom going fast and getting low. Photo: Sam Oetiker]


Switchback Session / €259.99

You’re riding the Switchback Session setup. How would you describe the flex?

They’ve got a pretty stiff flex. I like it kind of stiff. But if you want you can change the highbacks to softer ones. The same with baseplates. You can pretty much build your own bindings and have them how you want them and how feels good for you.

Do you ever do that? Play around with the different components Switchback offer to make like a Frankenbinding? Or do you just have your one setup and leave it?

No, I’ve been switching it around a bit. Switching the straps to ones that work better for me. Switching the highbacks to to softer ones when I ride pow. I’ve been switching it around, for sure.

Have you tried riding without the highbacks?

I have. It’s super fun, especially in pow. I guess for a lot of people it makes sense to do it for rails too – it just makes it more skatey, and if you bring it to the pow it’s more surfy. It’s a new sensation to take them off and try it in pow. I can recommend that.

What about the straps and baseplate padding?

Again, they have a bunch of different ones so you can always switch up to the ones that fit you best. I’ve been trying a bunch and riding what I’m down with.

How sick is it to have all that tool-free adjustability?

Yeah, you can just pop them off. If you want to have more forward lean you need a screwdriver, but everything else – highbacks, straps – you can adjust or swap without tools, which is pretty fucking cool.

What kind of stance you rock? Cowboy swagger? Pencil thin? Somewhere in the middle?

I usually ride set back, so a little longer nose than tail. Angles are +15 -9, and some forward lean. And I guess I have it kind of normal width.

[Tor jams on the Jam while fellow Bataleon bandmate Tyler Chorlton lays down a sweet riff on the Goliath +. Photo: Cyril Mueller]

[For more aggressive powder riding Tor digs the extra beefiness of the Jam. Photo: Cyril Mueller]

Check out more about Tor’s hardware on and, and make sure you take the time to watch Vacation Forever – shit’s tight, yo!


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