There’s quite a bit of hype around Almo Film at the moment: today marks the release of their documentary film ‘Lost In Mongolia’, made for Lumia. Mathieu Crepel's full part from their new movie 'No One Knows' is coming out next week, with the full movie set to drop the week after. We hit up bossman Morgan Lefaucheur to get the lowdown...

This is already the third Almo film this year. Everybody agrees that the evolution of the company has been spectacular since its beginning. How do you see it from the inside?

It's true. The original idea was to produce a snowboard video every season. Today, we have become a real production company, with a team working almost all year long on various projects. From now on, our goal is to increase the quality of our films and to create content for brands. We are willing to expand. Our annual movie is still a priority for Almo, and our main winter project. Actually I am right now seeking sponsors for our next film, called 'Comfort Zone'.

We'll talk about that. But first of all, let's hear about your own season...

Last winter I've been riding a lot. I've been juggling with different roles. I am the kind of guy, who needs to know what he'll do next. So now that I've tried being a production manager, I know what I'll do when I'm done being a professional rider! Even better, like riding, it doesn't feel like working because I am passionate about it! I lived my last winters as a pro. But I really wanted to already start on with my future activity.

You've received nice feedback on the film 'No One Knows'. It's a great run you're on! Are you satisfied with it?

Yes, feedback has been good. We're building our spot on the European scene, which is great.

About that, wouldn't it be helpful to make your crew a little more 'European'?

We already do it with some riders, but everything needs time. Our goal isn't to show that we've got the best snowboarders in the game... although we do have some real killers in the crew. I believe that Daviet and De Le Rue are already way further than any other Frenchies. We also have more great riders coming up, like Enzo Nilo. We would like to reach the masses. Our industry has been too focused on itself and on core stuff. I have no problem saying I am also willing to go mainstream. I want to tell stories and to show the kind of life we've had all those years. That's what we've tried to do with 'No One Knows', even though I was a little bit worried that the unconventionnal documentary editing wouldn't be understood. Actually we received good support from the brands, that want to reach the most people too. Our main challenge is to be heard. Let's see in about a week what the feedback's like when the film is out on the web!


You are looking to produce content for brands, too?

Sure! A good example is our movie about Mongolia, made for Lumia, which is being released today. It was a really interesting challenge to capture everything with a smartphone. We've had some thinking to do about how to, for example, mount a Lumia on a dolly. Plus the spot was amazing. In the end, we got a very cool and original twelve-minutes of footage. And it speaks to the masses. This is what I'd like to achieve.

Let's talk about 'Comfort Zone', your 2014 project. You kind of write a script, or outline, at the beginning of the season? How does it work?

I write more of a frame, which defines the main idea: In this case we were willing to show that what touches us and involves a special happening requires the rider gets out of his comfort zone. This is presented in an implicit manner, through everyday life. There is the documentary side I'm looking for, but also the riding, the lifestyle and everything that takes part in a rider's existence... including the precious times out of their comfort zone.

Are there going to be changes in the team?

Earlier I was talking about Enzo Nilo. He will join us along with Pat Burgener. I also hope Wojtek Pawlusiak will be able to spend a little bit of time with us. This winter Mathieu Crepel will be with us full time, and both Victors will be in our movie and a Transworld project... The others will also be there! This year I really want to push things forwards and make sure this film reaches the most people. Maybe we'll even have a TV broadcasting. I would like that very much!

Don't miss the release of Almo's phone-filmed documentary is out today and so sick.'s part should drop the beginning of next week, and the full movie the week after. Be ready!