Published in Onboard Magazine Issue 120, February 2011


You may know Will Lavigne as the chilled dude from Quebec who slays rails and more on a Rome snowboard. But to find out more read on…

How is it to be a Romanoid?

Riding for Rome you mean? It’s dope. Rome is a big family. Everyone working for Rome rides and is good at it. They care about what us, as riders, have to say on product and really take our input into consideration. Everyone is friends with everyone else.

We got told that in terms of tricks there is “good" then there is “Quebec good"? What say you?

A few years back when Max [Legendre] and Yan [Dofin] were there, our filming crew was two people from Montreal, Max and Yan, and three from Quebec city, LNP, Greg and Me. We just like to give shit to people from Montreal so when a trick was looking a little funny, we would call it “Montreal good" and when a trick was perfectly done, we would call it “Quebec good". It was just a way to give shit to Max and Yan since they’re from Montreal.

Who, in your opinion, is the best French-Canadian rider of all time?

That is a hard question. It would be like asking who is the best music band of all time or what place in the world is the best to live. Each rider has their own style and nobody rides the same thing. In the backcountry, I’d say that DCP had it and still kills it, David Melancon as well. In the pipe,

Guillaume Morisset and Dan Migneault. Park and contests, Charles Reid and Seb Toutant are really on point. If we talk about rails... there are way too many good riders. Everyone has their own style.

If you got locked down to riding one resort for the rest of your days where would you choose to be and why?

I always said I would never move to Whistler. Whistler is like Disneyland or Vegas. I go there for a few weeks and have to leave straight after. But it is a really good place to be, so if I had to lock myself somewhere it would be Whistler. But since I can’t lock myself somewhere, it won’t happen.

What would you choose: a week in a perfect concrete bowl with your buddies or a week in the mountain of your choosing?

It depends on what time of the year it is. If it is summertime and I feel like being in the warm, probably I would pick the perfect concrete bowl. But right now, being wintertime I would pick a week in the mountains. I would go to Bald Face in interior BC. I’ve never been there but I hear it’s awesome; there is no lift, they get you up the mountain by cat. It is kind of a private resort.

Have you watched the Gremlinz movies? What do you think of their take of the shred?

Didn’t see it. Sorry

Did you ever think that a snowboarder would be presenting the MTV awards? WTF?

I didn’t see that either. I’m not against it. It gives some kind of credibility to our sport, to the people out there that thinks we’re just punks that knock beers on our head. In the end the rider that announced the award could have said no. It’s his fault. Somehow it means that our sport is getting more popular.

Where did you score your best pow pow last season?

I rode rails until the end of February last season. We went on a trip to France in the beginning of May and the powder was lacking... We decided to go up to Arlberg where there was some kind of pow but pretty much nothing. After that trip, I was beat and had to take a few days off the snow. I went to south Colorado at the end of March where the pow was heavy. Then came April where I had a bunch of park shoots lined up. I didn’t ride much pow last year. Even if Arlberg pow was so so when I was there, it was the best I had last season.

If you were confronted by a line of four rails in the street – a down, a kink, a squirly down and hand rail to drop at the end what tricks would you put down?

On the first try I would probably go 50-50. All depending what size the rails are. Sometimes you show up to a rail and you know what trick you want to do. Sometimes you have to ride the rail for a little bit and then you figure a trick to do. That’s probably what I would do there, ride the set up for a while a then figure out a line I want to get on tape.

Have you ever fancied getting a bit of contest shredding under your belt?

I used to do a lot of contests when I was younger. That is what would keep me alive. I was living off the money I was making at contests. I’m not against doing contests but I’d way rather go on a film trip than go to the US Open. When you film, you decide everything. The set up, the size of the jump, how much snow is on the landing, and if you don’t want to drop at that moment you don’t. In a contest situation, when it’s your turn, it’s your turn. Even if it’s snowing, the wind is blowing like crazy, someone just knocked himself out in the landing and there is blood... you have to go. I do the contests I feel like doing and if I don’t feel it I’ll just go easy. I do Shakedown every year.

What was the best movie you watched last season and why?

My favourite movie last season was the TWS movie. Most of the time, I have something to say on the music/editing/tricks but the TWS movie was really good overall.

What is your best tale from the road?

Oh, There are a lot... My first time in Europe when I was 17 I went to Tignes in France for a contest. I was supposed to meet up with some people but when I got there I realised the people I was meeting didn’t make their flight. I waited for my bags for a while and they never showed up. I was in Geneva and I knew I had to go to Tignes and the name of my hotel was Diva. I took a bus to get there and soon realised that the Alps were bigger than our resorts in Quebec. The bus driver didn’t know where my hotel was. I just got off at the last exit in Tignes, I was exausted, and started to look for the Diva hotel. Walking in the snow late at night, I ended up at the base of the mountain where a huge jump was, and right in front of the jump was a hotel named Diva. I went inside and the people at the front desk told me I was two days early. They gave me a room anyways. Two days went by and I still didn’t have my bags. I started to look around Tignes to see if I could rent a board to make the contest and I ended up finding a stiff board that was a little too long, the kind of board I don’t ride much. The day after was the contest and somehow I landed a good run, I won and went back home with 9000 euros.

What you got going on for this coming season?

I’m actually in Breckenridge getting ready to go film, just getting used to my board. I’ll be filming for the Rome movie The Shred Remains. That’s what I’ll be doing this winter. I might do a contest or two but I will put my energy into filming.