In what will surely go down in history as the best interview in the history of interviews, we sit down with professional snowboard athlete Ethan Morgan and cinematographer Johannes Brenning at the #OnboardSendOffSession to talk Backstreet Boys, wearing sunglasses at the movies, beach activities and other weird shit.

The weather at the Onboard Send Off Session may have been biblically shit for pretty much the entire duration, but the resulting cabin fever spawned one of the greatest interviews we have ever conducted with Ethan Morgan a.k.a. Anderson, a.k.a Freeman a.k.a AJ and Johannes Brenning - the man formerly known as Coach Thunder.

In it, we delve into a world of #NoToBo, heartbroken masturbation, snorkelling, honesty and much much more.

Watch this to the end or Johannes will track you down and tenderly caress your scalp while Ethan uses your tears as a masturbatory aid.