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[DomeTrash getting lit / Mobile: Kasper de Zoete, ironically not in a fridge. Photo: Michiel Rotgans]

Riding with your crew, pushing each other and having a blast is one of the cornerstones of this fun old experience we call snowboarding. Now, since the democratisation of videography, more and more crews are producing edits from their exploits and some of them have gone beyond the traditional ‘bro-cam’ cuts to produce, basically, entertaining, imaginative, or just downright hammer heavy video content. We’re stoked on that, so over the season we’ll be throwing the virtual Shakas to some of our favourite Euro crews, kicking off with our favourite indoor fridge freaks at DomeTrash.

Early last summer we started getting hit up by young Dutch rider Kasper de Zoete, wanting us to check out some clips of him and his homies hiding from the sun in their Indoor Summer Cruizin series. The Netherlands has a long history of producing sick jibbers from within their frigid halls, and it looked like these kids were keeping the candle burning bright. From their first edits they went from strength to strength, so by the end of the summer Kasper, Jordi Spa and Bart Falhaber had formed DomeTrash, pumped out a few more examples of their legit indoor skills, and look to carry on where they left off this summer. We hit the boys up to get the lowdown on their crew…

Kasper de Zoete

[Kasper gives a  dome downer the back lip treatment. Photo: Jascha van der Wijden]

How did the DomeTrash crew start? Where did you all meet? How long have you been snowboarding together?

It pretty much just all started last summer. When the park went down for the summer holidays at Snowworld, I bought a three-month pass at the Uithof where they have a super nice summer park. I started going there more and more often. That way I got to know Jordi and Bart. We were all just shredding a lot this summer and one time we decided to make a video since I have all the equipment. And since there isn’t a lot of other snowboard content around July/August, our first video got a lot of attention which gave us the motivation to keep putting out as much content as we can during summer. We hope to do a lot of snowboarding this summer again and shoot tons of footage.

What are your plans for next winter and the future for the DomeTrash crew?

I guess we’ll just have to see how things go. Bart is almost done with school and wants to go to the mountains for a while next season so Jordi and I might go visiting him. Other than that we would all be really stoked to do some railjams, but most of all we’ll just keep on filming. Secretly, I also hope to get some street footage in the future. But I guess everything will work out like it is supposed to, as long as it stays fun.

What are your main goals with putting your edits online?

For me, it is mainly about representing indoor snowboarding. You don’t see a lot of indoor edits anymore while there are big talents shredding the domes. I hope to show that there is a serious level of shredding on the indoor slopes. Also, I enjoy it a lot to try and get a new trick on film. Being stoked for each other’s shots and hyping everyone up while filming is super sick. And when the edit goes online, we are all extra stoked about the fact that we had a great time snowboarding and learned new tricks. Most of our summer edits contain tricks that we learned while filming.

Bart Falhaber

[Bart Falhaber. Front 3 off the toes. Photo: Jascha van der Wijden]

What’s the indoor scene like in the Netherlands? Where are the best places to ride? Do they keep the park features open all the time? (In the UK Domes they only have park features 2 nights a week…)

The indoor scene is growing a lot with many kids joining freestyle teams. It’s cool to see how these kids progress but there are also a lot of kids that are being pushed too much by their parents to perform and compete. These days there are a lot more kids riding contests than men, especially at the Dutch Cup contests. Other than these kids there are a lot of people I know that just come down to the dome to cruise a bit and have fun, mostly at De Uithof. At Snowworld the people are more into training and learning new tricks. The difference between the two domes is that Snowworld has a better park most time of the year, but in the summer the park in De Uithof is more creative and you can ride more features in one run. But both domes can be really shitty when there’s no park shaper…

Some other domes that are cool to visit are Snowworld Landgraaf (in the south of The Netherlands) and Skidome Terneuzen. Snowworld Landgraaf is one of the biggest domes in Europe and the park is big as well, but a lot of times the park is really icy or shaped badly. It is still nice to go there sometimes, you just have to check with the locals. Skidome Terneuzen has a good park most time of the year. In the winter a bit smaller than in summer, but the management seems to work a lot with the locals to create a nice park.

It sucks that you guys have only two nights a week to shred the park. Here the features in the park are open every day except for some times when a feature is being reshaped.

What do you think about social media and snowboarding? Is it easier or harder to get noticed now?

I think it’s really easy to show people what you can do these days. You can easily film with a GoPro or just your phone, edit a bit and post it on Facebook or Youtube. It’s just harder to stand out, because everybody does it. The reason why it’s harder to get noticed these days is because a lot of kids are just getting really good.

Do you ride indoors all year round, or is it just to get your snowboarding fix during the summer?

I am a real indoor rider, I started there and still ride there a few times per week. So yeah, I ride indoor all year round. In winter I usually ride less indoor because the parks are shitty and the domes are crowded with skiers. So I try to do some trips to the alps to get some real snow, but that is never more than a few weeks because of school. In summer when the parks are good and the domes are quiet I can enjoy the playground again, then I usually ride three times a week.

Bart Falhaber. Switch front board. Photo: Jascha van der Wijden

Jordi Spa

Who is in the DomeTrash crew? Who does what when it comes to putting the edits together?

Basically the crew consists of three snowboarders: Bart, Kasper and me. Also we have our main fatty, Albert, who is in charge of most of the filming. He’s our G. What I enjoy most with the crew is just snowboarding and hanging out, just having a good time. Willie always hypes up the whole crew, that’s how we keep things going I guess. He is the most hilarious guy you’ll ever meet but he still stacks the shots. We do film a lot with Reno Langelaar as well. He is super creative, extraordinary and all around a sick guy. He is one of rare kind. Cees and Joshua are also really nice guys that help us out a lot, Joshua is a local at the Uithof who always helps me out and I hope that he’s going to be in our upcoming videos. I’d be stoked if he would come snowboard with the crew. Anyhow, I think our crew consists of everybody who helps us out.

If you didn’t have the Domes, where would you snowboard?

That’s a hard question. There is a big chance that I wouldn’t even snowboard. I ask myself a lot what would have happened if I never started snowboarding. It is something that I do with so much joy and I am very addicted. I can’t think of life without it, but then again, who can? I guess I’d be skating and gaming way to much. I’d just rather not think about.

Who inspired you when you were younger? Which crews or movie productions where you looking at?

I started snowboarding because of Willie actually. Again, he is our G. A few years back, as weird it might sound, Bart was one of my role models. It is crazy to be filming with him now but he is such a sick guy. And since I am from the Netherlands, I was (and still am a bit) a fan of Postland Theory. But almost every snowboarder has something that I find to be sick. Every rider has his or her own thing.

For more from this crew, follow DomeTrash on Facebook, or bookmark the DomeTrash Vimeo page. 

[Occasionally, the DomeTrash boys get outside. Kasper de Zoete ollies. Photo: Laurens van Bemmelen]


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