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Riding with your crew, pushing each other and having a blast is one of the cornerstones of this fun old experience we call snowboarding. Now, since the democratisation of videography, more and more crews are producing edits from their exploits and some of them have gone beyond the traditional ‘bro-cam’ cuts to produce entertaining, imaginative, or just downright hammer heavy video content. We’re stoked on that, so over the season we’ll be throwing the virtual Shakas to some of our favourite Euro crews, and this time round it’s the 292CREW homies. Fresh from washing off the champagne shower after winning the Finnish crew awards getting set to drop their new movie TRANNYFINDER on November 27, we rapped with the boys to see where they’re from and where they at…

How did 292 Crew start? Where did you all meet? 

It all started when Our main editor, Aapo Enqvist – a.k.a Yung Hefe – moved to Vuokatti in 2011, where the Finnish ”halfpipe” high school/snowboarder factory is located. He was making movies before in Southern Finland with his home brothers but now he did not have anyone to film with, until Riko asked him if he was going to film something that season. They really hadn’t talked to each other much before that, apart from some grudging congrats after a contest that Aapo won at Riko’s home resort. Both of them were down to film and they had their first urban mission together and after that everything started naturally to flow forward. The first movie was called Snellman – Namllens, starring Riko, Anton, Aapo, Rene, Mikko, Ville and Nooa. Living in Vuokatti is the main reason why everything started. Maybe we just realised that Olympics are not for us and started to do our own thing and the school was still pretty okay with that and we could easily get to filming trips. Almost all of us had been studying there, and the young guns (Rene, Mikko, Ville, Nooa) still are.

[Aapo on the daily 292CREW grind. Photo: Roi Peteri]

[Above: Rene makes sure his seatbelt is buckled. Photo: Tatu Toivanen]

What’s up with the name?

Old inside joke. You can find the answer in very first seconds of our first movie, Haloo.

Who is in the 292CREW? Who does what when it comes to your edits?

Joel Ahola, Aapo Enqvist, Lasse Ihalainen, Anton Kiiski, Tuomas Pohjonen, Mikko Rehnberg, Rene Rinnekangas, Riko Rinnekangas, Nooa Risku, Tatu Toivanen, Ville Mustonen and our fresh addition, Santeri Uimonen. We wish to see a comeback from Antti Komulainen, he has a sick part in U.F.C.

We have learned everything by ourselves. Nobody knew how to film, edit or snowboard but we’ve just been filming each other and learned it all the way. We never had budget or any money to pay for filmers, and that’s actually been a pretty good thing, because nowadays all of us can film pretty well. Editing has been mainly done by Aapo Enqvist (HEFE) and Anton Kiiski, but everybody helps a bit along way. Anton Stennab has been helping us with the new movie, TRANNYFINDER. Kiiski runs our social media and also organises the premiere event – an epic party you don’t want to miss out on. Tatu is in charge of answering the mail and keeping the crew updated with what’s going on. Everyone else just keeps shredding the fuck out.

What was the main motivation for you to go out and film your crew in the first place?

Holy trinity ₱u$$¥ ₥o₦€¥ ₩€€d. Guess it’s just a drive to do something by ourselves, express our creativity and progress in everything we do (snowboarding, filming and editing). We want to do movies/edits that we would be stoked to see; most snowboarding edits are just too similar to each other and a little bit boring to watch. We always try to add some spice to our edits to keep stuff entertaining. Make sure to check our previous movies to know what I’m talking about!

[Anton prepares to spank bricks. Photo: Tatu Toivanen]