Say what's up to Thijs Ottens, the young ripper hailing from Amsterdam who just wants to rip powder and rails but has the skills to take it all the way to the Olympics in 2018, should he want to. He tore his board a new one at our Send Off Session last year and has been quietly making some power moves with the DC Crew, stacking shots with the Revert95 squad and steadily gathering momentum with his Insta clips. He's Blowing Up, so check out how it all started for him.

Where did you grow up riding?

I grew up riding in Snowplanet, an indoor slope close to Amsterdam. My first couple times on a board were on vacation, though, in Switzerland, but I wanted to ride more so I went to Snowplanet and rode almost everyday of the week.

What was the scene there like?

It was chill. Everyone was cool and we were always pushing each other to try new things. It was cool ‘cause everyone knew each other, too. We'd be there a couple days in the week and from Friday to Sunday from 11am till 11pm, we were always there, haha.

Park, Powder, Street, Contests, Filming - what describes your riding best?

I guess park. I'm a real park rat. I love pow though but I haven't had the chance yet to ride backcountry stuff... I also really like filming. It's cool to see yourself do a crazy trick and you can see what looks good and what doesn't. It's just that i don't have a camera guy filming everything I do, so that makes it a bit harder to get the nice shots.

How did you score your first sponsors?

I was riding in Snowplanet and I saw some guy standing at the bottom. One of my trainers said he was from some snowboard shop and was looking for riders. So I just rode and did some tricks I had just learned and after I was done the guy came up to me and wanted to talk. He said he liked my riding and he wanted me on the team. I was so stoked! In the end it wasn't that special but I was still stoked, haha.


What movie did you watch over and over as a grom?

There were a couple movies I watched over and over only for one or two parts. They Came From (for Halldor Helgason), Black Winter (for Torstein Horgmo), I Ride Park City (Torstein) and The Storming (Halldor and Torstein). I just couldn't (still can't) get enough of their riding and steeze.

What’s the best thing about snowboarding?

That you can do whatever. There are no rules or referees. You can just strap in and have fun with your homies. And the feeling of flying through the air is pretty cool, too.

What’s the worse thing about snowboarding?


Biggest trouble you and Max de Vries ever got into?

Haven't gotten in any trouble with Max yet, haha.

What's your favourite crew & place to go ride?

Joris Ouwerkerk and Sebbe de Buck. The three retards from the Benelux. Always good times with them, haha. I think I like Whistler the most. I've been there once, two years ago, but the park was so good and the weather was nice. Definitely wanna go back some time.


Best song that has ever been used for a video part?

Kool and the Gang - Get Down On It. From I Ride Park City

What’s the first thing that pops into your head after a slam?

But did I crash stylish, though?

What’s overrated in snowboarding these days?


Tell us a secret.

Sometimes I ask people 'how are you', even when I don't really care.


  • Date of birth: 13.11.1994
  • Stance: Regular
  • Hometown: Amsterdam
  • Local Mountain: Snowplanet
  • Years riding: 7
  • Sponsors: DC, Revert95