Olympic slopestyle gold medallist Sage Kotsenburg on what gets him stoked.

We've spent a long while grilling snowboarding's great and good on their all time favourite things of all time. Up this week, übertweaker, Holy Crailer, talkshow guest, Olympic champ and all-round good bloke Sage Kotsenburg is on the mic.

From the Afterbang trilogy of movies, to JP Walker, Sage has picked out some solid choices here.

Scroll on to see what he's praising and head to the bottom of the post for the full video interview:

All Time Movie Part - Travis Parker, Lame

"Crazy tricks, good vibes, his intro is hilarious too."

All Time Movie - The Resistance

"Why? JP Walker's part."

[If you don't have the time to watch the full movie (you should definitely make time, though - it's a classic], check JP's part that Sage specifically mentions, below.]

All Time Contest - Holy Bowly

"Holy Bowly was insane. Just mellow vibes, crazy bowl trannies and just a heavy crew there. It was awesome."

All Time Favourite Trick - Backside 180

Sage pokes a back 1 tail in Laax. Photo: Thomas Copsey

"Because you can do it with any grab or no grab on the biggest feature or the smallest feature and it still feels cool."

All Time Rider - Travis Parker

"I'm probably going to go with Travis Parker, because when I was a kid growing up he made everything look so fun but he'd also put out really heavy, really cool progressive parts at the same time. You get the best of both worlds – fun and the sickest snowboarding. He made it look awesome."

All Time Person to Ride With - Blaze Kotsenburg

"My brother. We've grown up riding together and I don't get to ride with him anymore, really, so any time we get to shred there's some funny things happening."

All Time Place to Shred - Park City

"Just from growing up there. A lot of good memories and we always have an insane crew up there shredding, so you can never go wrong with it."

Full Video Interview: