Slovenian shred stalwart Marko Grilc on what gets hit for some All Times.

We've spent a long while grilling snowboarding's great and good on their all time favourite things of all time. Up this week, Grilosoding, globetrotting, double dadding bossman Marko Grilc is on the mic. Hit play to hear his All Times.

Click through to watch the parts, the riders, the tricks and more that get Grilo hyped...

[Benedek's part starts at 21.00. But make sure you watch the full shebang - Afterbang is a certified classic.]

"I feel like back in the day the stuff they were doing was so insane and really inspiring for me. [David] was just always ahead of the game year after year, and that part was my personal favourite."

"I was filming for that, too, and it was the first time I was filming with a really big crew together and we did just really cool, fun snowboarding. That's what I like to see - people having a blast - and that's why I like that movie."

[This year Freestyle.CH has had to take a year off but, like Grilo says, it's frickin awesome so we hope it makes a comeback in 2016. And, yes, that's Grilo tugging off the one-footed backie at the end.]

"It's always like summer, the jump's always good and the people in Zurich are hyped to see snowboarding."

"I remember the first time I saw him snowboard in Ruka and he like blew my mind. And then all the parts with Lamar when they came out, and then throughout all his career with Burton just killing it year after year, and now he retired and he's easily one of the best still in the backcountry. I respect that a lot too, so I give it up to him."

"I've been going there for 10 years, like all the time, and they just keep progressing with the park. And then what also makes it good for snowboarding is when you get that dump there's so many places you can go ride pow. Basically every day you go there, there's something."