Germerican bossman Ethan Morgan gives us the skinny on some of his shred-specific All Times.

We spent a long while grilling snowboarding’s great and good on their all time favourite things of all time. Up to bat this time is a guy who we've hung out with consistently over the years, from his time as a talented grommet to today where he's arguably one of the finest all-terrainers out there.

Have a scroll back through some of his All Times.

All Time Movie - Promo Copy

"We watched that one so many times. They had all the heavy hitting riders in there, like Lauri [Heiskari], Iikka [Backstrom], Devun [Walsh]. Back then it was like their hottest times, people like Eddie Wall and all those guys. It was pretty cool."

All Time Movie Part - Pat Moore, Vacation

"He had a double song ender. One whole part with street and one whole part with park and pow. I thought that was pretty impressive. I really liked that, I think it's cool to see someone like that is still sending it and doing a lot of different things."

All Time Contest - Wängl Tängl

[Under duress...]

"That was a good one. Inspired by riders, just chilled vibes, nothing really too serious. That's what it's supposed to be about - having fun, and that's where all the heavy tricks get blown out."

All Time Trick - Backside 540 Stalefish

[Peep the E-Mo back 5 Stale in this at 3.49, plus it's a good excuse to re-watch his breakout part in Isenseven's 2011 movie, Kaleidoscope.]

"It's just the funnest trick to do. There's no day I go out without doing a back 5. I love it so much, just the way it feels."

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