Is Dan Brisse the craziest sane person out there or the sanest nutcase? Check out what gets him stoked.

We've spent a long while grilling snowboarding's great and good on their all time favourite things of all time. On the mic this time is a guy who's selection of batshit crazy urban spots prompted the creation of a dedicated Instagram account, @brissespots, and who causes mass confusion when off the board by being just a super chill, mellow dude. Hit play to hear him rap.

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"At that time... he had backcountry, urban, the song, everything. It was just insane. That back 450 at the end, you thought the part was over and then he did a trick that's never been done before and still to this day no one's done it. I don't know another person who has that trick in their part. And that was how many years ago now? 7, 8 years ago?"

"When it came out I remember everyone in our school was waiting for this movie to drop, and we got it and all sat around and watched it for like weeks. It was on repeat. It was after The Resistance so we were all anticipating this next video, and it had all those guys at time..."

"Honestly, probably the X Games. The Real Snow contest I do and it's fun, and I like what it is: urban snowboarding shown to a larger audience."

"A back 1 done well. Either that or a front 3. The simple ones that just feel good, that you're in control of the whole way."

"He was kind of a weird dude, he went big, it seemed like he just didn't care, you know? He was just doing it because that's how he wanted to do it. And that was sick."

"It depends. If we're hitting backcountry stuff I've enjoyed Whistler lately. It's where I spent most of my time. If I'm doing urban stuff I like Minnesota. I grew up there, I know the area very well. If I'm riding a resort it used to be Park City, so it probably still would be if I was still living there. Now that I live in Mt Hood, it'll be Mt Hood – Timberline or Meadows."