We're stoked to have UK snowboarder Posy Dixon on the Nikita team. Ever the pro, she's an inspirational lady and here friend and fellow snowboarder Sam Nelson asks her a few questions. She's fallen for fixed gear riding and has some new goals!

Sam about Posy: “When I first met Posy, I was like.. mmm, who’s this then. But the party got in the way and nothing ever happened... and now we’ve become good friends so things probably worked out for the best."

What got you interested in Nikita and how does it suit you so far? I went to Iceland a few years back to work on the IPP – and since then have been slightly obsessed with the country and all it involves. I like the way Nikita clothing reflects the individuality of Iceland by making pieces that are far more creative then other brands and the way it uses its riders as ambassadors and muses, not competition monkeys.

Describe you’re ideal trip… no expense spared, where, who with and what? There’s too many at the moment. Snow trip wise I want to go back to a place in Japan I visited for a few days last year, it’s called Akakura and it’s the sickest one man chair pow resort in the world. So that’s definitely on the list. I also have two bike trips I want to do, one is around Iceland on the fixed in the summer time with all the amazing daylight… the other is LA to Vegas on a fixed bike… fear and loathing style. Probably an awful idea but it kind of appeals.

What can you not travel without? 4 bar converter plug and the essentials (toothbrush, i-pod, pot of magic face cream).

What’s the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome and has it made you stronger / wiser because of it? This year I had to make the decision to move out of the mountains back to London as I couldn’t really ride full out because of injury. Life kind of got turned on its head. But things worked out and I’ve learnt that change can be the best thing in the world. I’ve found new amazing things to keep me entertained in London like the whole fixed gear bike thing, and I’ve got a new energy for snowboarding as I make each trip I go on count.

What’s left for you to achieve to make you happy? I want to paint a painting I’m not too embarrassed to give to someone, build my own bike from scratch, convert a warehouse into an amazing home / work space AND start my own company. So not much.

What would be your last meal? Either poached eggs and beans on toast washed down with a cup of PG tips, or world class sushi and champagne. Depending on how flush I was feeling.

Who would you call in an emergency bar 999? My Dad in Hawaii as he never panics when shit goes wrong. And he’s got a really nice soothing voice that makes things seem not so bad instantly.