Thanks to Inside Edition’s high quality journalism, we now know about a totally new and highly dangerous trend on our beloved slopes: Pot smoking. In case you are the only person on this planet who isn’t familiar with this OTT news agency: Inside Edition is a high-profile news station based in New York.

One of their salient characteristics is their humble opinion about themselves: “Inside Edition is television's longest-running, top-rated, and most-honored syndicated newsmagazine.“ Of course you are, Inside Edition! Browsing through their homepage, you get killer headlines like “Criminal Defendants Get Makeover", “Celebrity Secrets To Hide Hair Loss" or “Siblings Caught in Awkward Kissing Cam Moment".

We know it is hard not to quit reading this article immediately to head over to their website and feed your need for a daily dose of bullshit. But a lot of you made fun about their newest story on smoking pot on the slopes, which we think is unfair. With this article, we want to show you just how credible and right Inside Edition is with their report. They totally nailed this!

[part title="They used slang words correctly"]

“On January 1st this year, Marihuana became legal in the state of Colorado. If you go skiing there this year, you might catch the distinctive smell of weed."

Using the term “weed" shows how down they are with the subject matter. They’re basically “Insiders". It might be a bit irritating, that the host is shouting instead of just telling the story in a normal voice, but this is how investigative journalism works, guys. Through screaming, the facts go straight into your brain, duh.

[part title="They discovered the Grand Daddy of Smoke Shacks"]

“We hit the slopes at the world famous resort in Vail, Colorado. After bouncing down these Moguls and gliding through these trees, we came across this hidden shack. Inside, it’s a Pot smoker’s haven, where we found these skiers sharing a joint. But it’s nothing compared to what we found in the Breckenridge Ski Resort. This is the Grand Daddy of Smoke Shacks."

To find the Grand Daddy of Smoke Shacks, the journalists spent countless days undercover, befriending Breckenridge’s most badass skiers and snowboarders, who then showed them their cave of illegality, which you could also call Colorado’s very own Sodom & Gomorrah. There, the laws are quashed and anarchy reigns.

[part title="They used high level spying tools to unveil criminals"]

„It’s called Leo’s, and to get there you ski through this steep trail through the trees. We placed hidden cameras inside and just look at what we found!"

Inside Edition obviously didn’t shy away from their dangerous and life threatening mission to unveil Colorado’s darkest secret. Also, they took the high road (oh yes, we did) and placed hidden cameras inside of Pot Paradise to spy on the criminals.

[part title="They explained how smoking works"]

“People streaming in and out all day, almost every one of them for one reason only: to get high. Watch the guy on the left take PUFF AFTER PUFF AFTER PUFF!"

Finally there’s someone who can explain, how smoking actually works - that has always been a tricky one for us.

[part title="They made up killer expressions"]


This guy’s a total winner in life. So is the expression “Pot Puffers", Inside Edition is down with the slang of the youngsters.

[part title="They interviewed exactly the right people"]


Way to go Inside Edition for picking guys that not only don’t know how to smoke, but don’t seem to have a clue of how to snowboard either.

[part title="They asked medical experts"]

"Skiing stoned is dangerous, because it can change your perception according to medical experts, distort your vision and lead people to take excessive risks on the slope."

Thank god no such substance, that would cause the same effects, is available directly on the slopes. Drinking alcohol totally sharpens your senses, right?

So there you go - seven solid reasons why Inside Edition's story on Smoking Pot on the Slopes is legit!