We posted the Hyped! teaser a while back, but now we've happened upon an interesting chat with director Per-Hampus Stålhandske. The team-focussed movie promises to be one of the finest shred flicks of the season, looking like it'll successfully strike the right balance of fun, goodtimes, and heavy shredding. We've posted an excerpt here, but make sure you head to Nitro's Hyped! page to check the full interview.

What is the idea behind Hyped!?

The idea for Hyped! is that the film shall convey the feeling of ultimate excitement. We are trying to focus more on how fun snowboarding actually is, not how hard it is. People can expect seeing their favorite Nitro riders riding stuff that the viewer hopefully can relate to more. Instead of only showing the best tricks on the perfect locations (we will show that as well), we are trying to show how the Nitro riders are snowboarding when all pressure is off. The goal is to capture that feeling you get when you are riding with your best friends, on a perfect day, and you never wanna stop riding.

What was your favorite moment filming for Hyped!?

I think it was our whole trip to China. The conditions were not the best, but we had such a blast. It was me (Per-Hampus Stålhandske), Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Knut [Eliassen], Nils Arvidsson, Anton Bilare, Bob Plumb (Nitro photographer) and Mark Welsh (also Nitro photographer) to name a few. We were just filming on a really shitty half pipe á la 1992 and having so much fun. Between runs legends like Ingemar Backman, Scotty Wittlake and Michi Albin were dropping in and hitting the same thing. It felt like we were in a time machine.

Read the full interview with Per-Hampus here.