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If snowboarding was anything like soccer (which of course, it isn't) your crew would be the equivalent of your team.

They're the guys you hang with, destroy spots/soccer pitches with, shower with, and hit on famous people's wives with. Ok, those last two are perhaps just soccer, but there are definitely some parallels to be made. Your snowboard crew are your homies: they define how your snowboarding is perceived by fellow riders, brands and people crawlin' the world wide web.

Snowboard crews can stand out from the crowd in a few different ways. Some are simply a collection of shit-hot riders (think the KBR crew or the Yawgoons), while others have a bit more of a 'piss-around-behind the scenes' sort of vibe (think the Random Bastards, Lick the Cat or the Gremlinz).

It shouldn't take too much of a stretch of the imagination to figure out the elements you need to make a badass snowboard crew, but hit all the points in this 7-step list and you'll be all over internet TV, swimming in free gear and having to turn down members of the opposite sex because you simply can't copulate with them all at the same time...

[part title='Decide to start crew and get stuff rolling']


It may sound dumb but this is actually a pretty important first step. Before you can have a crew you have to decide that you're going to try and assemble one. It's all well and good just cruising around with your mates but if you want to be noticed you'll need to create an identity and some buzz one way or another.

Have some structure, be a doer ('carpe diem' and all that jazz...) and start getting the ball rolling.

[part title='Get a rider who can actually snowboard pretty good']


You could have more charisma and witty banter than Russell Brand and Will Ferrel's illegitimate love child, but if your crew doesn't contain at least one sick snowboarder it's gonna be hard to get noticed by anyone other than your mom.

Even more so in today's 21st century digital age where every snowboard crew on the planet drops a new edit pretty much weekly. Hopefully you're best buds with someone who rips otherwise you might have to resort to bribery and the promise of million dollar sponsorship deals.

[part title='Get someone with a bit of a personality']


While it's definitely more important to have some raw talent in your crew, having someone that injects a bit of good natured tom-foolery and/or fuckwittery can also work wonders. Whether it be getting loose at the apres bar, being the joker or being a hippy like Nicolas Müller, people want to see interesting characters.

Think about what LNP does for the Deja Vu crew for example. He has a mean beard, is one funny dude and dresses a bit like a pirate. People dig pirates.

[part title='Get a filmer']

Having a decent filmer to document your every move is one of the most important parts in assembling a sick crew. Preferably pick one that knows how to edit, doesn't like girl music (unless it's an all-girl crew of course) and doesn't get cold hands. Owning a Phantom or RED camera and lenses longer than your arm is a bonus (dodgy facial hair is optional).

[part title='Buy any extra equipment']


If you're an urban-focused crew you'll need to purchase (or acquire) a few extra bits and pieces. Try and buy a dodgy second hand van for keeping your junk in and to take to spots. It could also double up as a way of generating speed.

For those tighter urban features that'll score you maximum legitimacy points on the interwebz, you'll want a bungee and/or drop in ramp/winch to generate speed. Lights and a generator are pretty handy if you're going to be shooting at night, and of course you'll need all the basic stuff like shovels and water to drink/bind snow with.

[part title='Pick a super edgy name']

Picking a catchy name is super important. Here is some inspiration.

Your crew's name is how the world will identify you so don't pick something wack. You could choose something super dark and edgy, you could get all hipster and use one THT x DSNT x HV x NY x VWLS in it, or you could just pick something goofy that you can all relate to. It's up to you.

[part title='Get all over social media']


Send it to brands, magazines like yours truly, obscure extreme sports magazines in Fiji and anyone else that might actually watch it. Every extra view is precious and could mean the difference between getting one of those flying drones for your next one and being lost forever in the stinking, primordial bowels of the internet...