Heikki’s wizardry on a board has earned him a place on the Burton Global team as well as a spot in snowboard history, as until this year he held the record for the highest air, performed at the 2001 Arctic Challenge. He will also be remembered for what was perhaps the coolest haircut of any Olympian, some sweet video sections in Mack Dawg, for whom he has been filming this season, and for single-handedly keeping the Coca-Cola group solvent due to his insatiable thirst of sweet fizzy drinks. Who said you had to eat healthily to be an outstanding snowboarder?

What board do you ride usually? And why did you choose this board? Burton Custom 154, 156 and 158. I just love the board and I’ve been helping to design it.

Do you change boards for different snow conditions or for rails, and what board do you change to? Yeah, I do: rails and park 154 and 156, and 158 for powder.

Do you bother tuning your board? I dull my edges when doing rails but that’s it.

Do you use cap-straps on your bindings? How do they feel compared to the old style toe-straps? I use the cap-straps because they deliver such a good feeling!

What boots do you wear? Burton Sabbaths.

How do you break them in? Actually they are the only boots that just feel really good on the first day’s riding!

Do you have heat mouldable liners or special footbeds for comfort? No.

Which bindings do you use? Burton P1s.

How much forward lean do you have on your highbacks? Just as much as they come with.

What are your binding angles? +18 front, –9 back.

What line of outwear do you use? Analog clothing.

What features do you find most useful on your outerwear? Just good colours and the fact that they are really warm.

Do you prefer a shell and layers or insulated outerwear? They are both good. What essentials do you pack in your day pack if and when you ride with one? Extra Oakley goggles, extra t-shirt, extra pair of gloves, shovel, water, Redbulls and some food.

What is the one extra thing that you don’t leave home without to go riding? Cellphone and wallet, and of course my snow gear.