Men's/Women's: Unisex

Category (freeride/freestyle/all mountain/jib): Freestyle

Lengths: 149/153/156/159/162cm

Normal/wide/wide models too: Normal

Friendliness (0=stiff bastard, 10=newbie friendly): 4

Directional/directional twin/true twin: True twin

Jukka Erätuli’s got design company Ivana Helsinki to come up with the graphics for this lightweight park and rail board, and it’s perfectly suited for advanced riders, what with its use of Intelligence intellifibres. What? Yep, more gobbledegook to confuse you but that’s why we’re here – to break it down for you. These fibres react to the vibrations and rider input of more aggressive riding to generate energy, which causes them to stiffen and increase torsional stability. So, you get powerful turns, great edge hold, stability while running flat, and mellowness at slower speeds. You also get a sintruded IS 4600 base, carbon/kevlar construction and a chance to ride a board designed by one of the nicest guys in snowboarding. He’s also very, very good.