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The art of conversation is dead, and being online means we can tap-tap away without ever having to transcribe from a Dictaphone. Onboard caught Tyler Chorlton, the hard-charging Brit, on Skype and said word fresh, wadup and bo selecta.

Onboard So, Tyler. Where you at right now?

Tyler Chorlton Right now I’m chillin’ in Wanaka, riding Snowpark NZ!

OB Is it your first time down there?

TC Yeah dude, first time over the equator. When I was on the flight over here I went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet to watch the water going down anti-clockwise. I was stoked, it brightened up my flight!

OB I've always wanted to do that, man. Snowpark NZ's been getting quite a bit of hype over the last few seasons. Is it all it's cracked up to be?

TC Yeah bro, it's pretty sick. Unfortunately at the moment they only have 1 out of 4 cats working on the park but you gotta give them their due, they're doing a bloody good job right now!

OB That classic 'go get ’em' Kiwi attitude, gotta love it. Who's down there at the moment?

TC Well, it's been interesting. I've bumped into so many people and thought 'huh weird… fancy seeing you here (on the other side of the planet..),' but yeah loads of familiar faces for sure. There have been a few comps on here too the last few weeks so there's still riders here from that.

OB You been doing any contests, or just been keeping the legs busy, chucking a few more frontside 1080s?

TC No, no contests. I've kinda had a few injuries from my season in Europe, like my wrist has been broken for about 6 months now, my ankle popped out in Sweden and I wasted myself in Whistler last month, so, yeah, taking it easy here. I haven’t done any 10s since the Yeahh shoot in Ischgl. I did some 9s yesterday on a 2-meter kicker!! Stoked! That’s way more fun.

OB Sicknezz! I didn’t realise you beat yourself so much last season. Apart from that, how was last winter for you? It was your first year filming for a Euro project, Yeahh...

TC Yeahh!

OB Yeahh! How did shooting with them boys go?

TC Haha. Yeahh, we had a good season a lot of funny interesting trips, really cool dudes to work with and also a sick crew of riders. It's been a seriously sick season. A lot of my filming was done with a broken wrist too so that’s kinda why it's still broken now.

OB 'You can sleep when you're dead' as the saying goes. How did you get to hook up with the Yeahh! guys?

TC I met Martin [Yeahh filmer/director] in Mayrhofen at the Hungerpain Hotel, we skated all day in this tiny spot and, yeahh, we hit it off. I got an email from him a few months later saying that Arcus got me in. I was so stoked man!

OB That's rad. Who of the crew of riders really impressed you?

TC Well, I’m always stoked to watch any of the Ästhetikers ride, like Steve, Friedl, Beckna and CK. Tonton rode really well this year as well and of course the presence of Freddi Kalbermatten was mind bottling! You know? Mind in a bottle? But yeah everyone did really well considering the season we had snow-wise.

OB Yep, it pretty much sucked over here. You must have travelled a bit to get the goods.

TC Well, I travelled mostly in Europe chasing the snow but I had a trip to Riksgränsen in Sweden and to the US for a week. Some of the best snow I had all season was at home in Andorra in the trees, it was windy up top but the trees were buried!!

OB Did you find filming this year different from your previous shooting experiences?

TC Yeah totally! This was 16mm, no fuc%ing up! Or at least try not too, haha. It takes longer and more effort and team work to get 16 good shots, but when you get the tapes developed you know where that extra bit of effort went.

OB Were you feeling the pressure of all that precious celluloid burning if you didn't stomp shit perfect?

TC Yeah kinda. I dunno, I think shooting with 16mm shows your natural way of riding more than digi. Shooting digi you can do a trick over and over and watch it till you got it perfect (as in looking like everyone else’s trick). Not cool. [Shooting on film] makes you want to land more for sure.

OB Yeah, I hear ya. Have they edited your part yet? Have you seen it?

TC No not yet. I hear it's been edited though so I might be emailing Yeahh after this…

OB Speaking of afters, what you got going on when you leave NZ? Back to Andorra and your shop L3ADED?

TC Yep, back to Andorra, home with my girl and ma L3ADED boys. We have the odd DIY jobs to do here and there before we stock up for winter but we should have it banging for when we open again early November.

OB How much involvement do you have with L3ADED?

TC I'm partners 50/50 with my buddy Peet. He’s like my big brother kinda and he rips on skis!

OB Do you think it's good for riders to have something else to focus on, like a business or some other project, other than just the snowboarding? Like not focussing so heavy on just riding allows you to be more focussed on the riding when you do it. Or something…

TC Yeah, sometimes I wish I could just forget about everything and just snowboard, but having a business or a project kinda keeps your feet in the ground, keeps you sane and focused I guess. Also, I think it's good for riders to have ideas and be actually putting them on the table and getting on with it, that’s what keeps the industry fresh and riders are in good positions to do so. We are the ones with the power!

OB Yeah, otherwise some whack-ass gong-farmers will bleed snowboarding for everything it's got. This way the riders be runnin' tings, and that's how it should be.

TC Exactly!

OB What about next winter? Do you think it can be as bad as last year? Are we all gonna have to start surfing?

TC Yeah, surfing could be cool. Chillin’ on beaches... mmm. I think we could be in for a good one this year, it's been snowing loads in South America and Europe usually gets similar following seasons. First snow in Buenos Aires in 96 years! Dope!

OB Well let's just hope so. Will you be shooting with Yeahh! again? Doing some TTR contests? What you thinking?

TC Screw the FIS.

OB I take it you're not down with the FIS massive then.

TC FIS... Yeah I hope I get to film with Yeahh again, I’m really amped on what they're doing. I might do some contests but I wanna focus on filming. FIST DA FIS!

OB Haha. Any particular reason for fisting the FIS?

TC Whatever... FIS is snowboarding for skiers, no thanks. No, just not my cup o’ tea, and I don’t drink tea so no chance... hehe

OB What? No tea? Call yourself British??!!! Any other breaking news from the Chorlton?

TC I’m riding for Vans now, Beckna's my team manager. How sick it that!? Da Beckna, Euu!

OB Yeah man. And i think it's spelt 'Ëëëööö!' Does that mean you'll head to the Zillertal and get the man to show you all the best secret spots?

TC I hope so! Ride with the Chillertalers…

OB Do you wanna get more into the backcountry?

TC That’s the one! Yeah for sure I love being out back.

OB Leave the park to the kids and so on?

TC Indeed, indeed…

OB Oh yes.

TC Pit pit!

OB I don’t know what that means. C'est francais?

TC Haha! No pit pit fellow there now! Now that’s British. I did a wiley flip today!

OB Right. This is getting weird. Maybe I've been sausage side too long and don't understand English anymore...

TC Haha. Eating schnitzel, oder?

OB Ja ja! Kartoffelkopf! On that bombshell and before we lose it completely, let's wrap up. So, please. Give your shoutouts, sponsors, bros, crews, blah.

TC Big shout out to L3ADED, Yeahh Productions crew, Bataleon, Arcus yo!, Vans, Oakley, Relentless, Easyleaf, Granvalira, all my bros and bras, my girl, everyone back home, Onboard, all the filmers and photographers in the world, all the riders for being riders, Maryj, my Mom, Dad, Beanie, Peet, the dude at the gas station in Wanaka and so on… Ok, it's 4.20 catch ya on the shreddgnarrr!

Name: Tyler Chorlton Age: 21 D.O.B.: 10.02.1986 Nationality: British Hometown: Soldeu, Andorra Stance: Regular. Not sure how wide, 15, -15

Board of choice: Bataleon FunKink Boots: Vans Hi-fax Bindings: Trying various. Testing T9 MFM pro Outerwear: Oakley Goggles: Oakley