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Happy Tapping – Storbis Director Rasmus Tikkanen on their new Film.

Rasmus Tikkanen, the metaphorical manager of the Storbis Shopfloor, dropped us a line to let us know that there’s gonna be some tasty comps on the Storbis blog where you can win a bunch of niceties from their benevolent sponsors. All you have to do is guess the trick. Well, that’s all well and good, but here at Onboard we like a little more meat with our potatoes, so we thought we’d grab him in the wilds of the internet and find out what’s been going on with the Shopfloor of late too.

Onboard: Aha. The manager of the Shopfloor!

Rasmus Tikkanen: Hahah

OB: You wanna do a quick catch up interview?

RT: The badass manager who don’t hesitate to fire the shopfloor. Youuu fired! Yea, I’m ready for it!

OB: Well, good morning Mr Shopfloor manager. How has the winter been so far for the Storbis workers?

RT: It’s been good! We’ve had a lot of bad luck with our resort choices during the dumps, but we still have managed to get a lot of footage! Like during crazy dumps in Japan we decided to go to Austria…During huuuge dumps in the States we decided to go to Lapland [laughs]. It’s been like that but we’ve always managed.

OB: Yeah. We were just talking about how weird this winter’s been in Europe November to January were good, but then it seemed it didn’t snow from Jan till March, and now it’s dumping again. Does it ever get to a point where you start stressing that there’s not so much footage, or do you always manage to get some things done no matter?

RT: Yea there’s some stressing now and then, especially when you sit around for two weeks in Europe and it’s raining at 2100 meters, like we did couple weeks back. But then you just have to get a positive attitude and try doing something. There is so much we have to film to get a movie done – not only stomping tricks – so meanwhile you can shoot intro stuff or funny skits. The hard part is to get that positive attitude and go out there film some funny stuff in the rain, while it’s not even funny! It’s damn stupid really…

OB: Haha

RT: But if you want to come out funny in the end you have to do it… otherwise the Isenseven crew will win the good critics..

OB: Yeah. I liked their teaser. When’s yours gonna be ready? (hint hint)

RT: Couple of weeks. We want to wait until we have a major part of the movie filmed, so that we can actually show what happens in the movie, and not just some random clips…

OB: Coolio. So whose riding has impressed you so far? Who’s gonna have the bangers?

RT: Well Eero [Ettala] of course again. He’s a freaking maniac out there, and maybe – mayyybe – he will have his first “last part” in the history of Storbis. He pretty much always has had the first part. Also Janne Heiskanen again and Antti Kurula is a crazy dog with the urban stuff! I’m amazed he is still alive. But we have a strong powder crew too with Jaakko Seppälä, Jussi Tarvainen etc, who have been killing it in the BC. Stoked to film with those guys full time. If you remember back, Jaakko has been filming with Robot Food, Jussi with Absinthe and Eero with MDP of course, so we have a good lineup and the riders have a good history. Hopefully a good future as well… [laughs].

OB: Sounds sick. Did you have pretty much the same lineup of riders, or have you had any new additions this season?

RT: Thomas [Harstad] is back again and Håkon Tonnesen is also a Storbonaut from now on! Don’t call it a comeback they’ve been here for years!

Though he’s pretty handy on a snowboard himself, this is not Rasmus. This is Janne Heiskanen, on location in Switzerland, shot by Rasmus while he films at the same time. Like the frickin’ Rhazel of cameras, that boy.

OB: Wicked. Go on the Storbonauts! So, I know it’s way before you start editing properly, but do you have any idea of what we can expect from Shopfloor? Like the direction of the film, if it’s gonna be the classic Storbis ‘Skit-Riding-Skit’ thing or if you’ll mix it up?

RT: It’s gonna be a funny story with the riding blended into it. I don’t want to expose too much, but the hard working Storbis Shopfloor will be attacked by an animal. It’s not a big animal, but it’s vicious!

OB: Raar! What’s the deal with the film’s name though – Shopfloor?

RT: It’s what it is. Pretty much all of us work fulltime whether it’s snowboarding itself or as construction workers, cooks, at pharmacies and in the spare time we film snowboarding. So we are not like a pro snowboard cliché, party all the time, sleep long, etc. We are ordinary workers AKA shop floor. That’s going to show in the movie as well, of course

OB: So what do you guys have planned for the remainder of this winter?

RT: The Norwegian unit is filming in the States for some more weeks, and the rest of the crew will head up to Lapland to shoot park and other stuff. Some heli action and sledding also in Riksgränsen and other places up on the mountains of Sweden and Norway.

OB: And when do you shout ‘cut’ for the last time and head for the dark, lonely edit room?

RT: Not until the first of June. We have more time to edit this year, so we will also keep on shooting spring stuff longer. It’s gonna be a heck of a long spring break this year!!! Wiipaaa!

OB: Booyaa! How involved are the riders in the editing of their parts?

RT: They can choose songs, decide the arrangement of the tricks and specific cuts. It helps a lot, sometimes you might otherwise think about some moves for days.

OB: For sure. How will you be putting Shopfloor out there? And when?

RT: Yea, it’s gonna be covermounted on Onboard at the end of October – on issue 101. Also we will put a special edition DVD box out for a bargain sale with a lot of cool stuff including the director’s cut.

OB: Stoked! How will people be able to get the special edition? Through your website?

RT: Yeah, the website and selected stores.

OB: Well, we’re certainly looking forward to, first of all the teaser, and then the real deal movie. Gotta love that Storbis flava. Thanks for your time Rasmus and good luck with the rest of the winter. I even refrained from asking about horse cock, how bout that?

RT: [Laughs] We will shoot with Janne the Jockey this year as well, so you never know. We might get near those beautiful stallions again!

Check out the Storbis website and the Storbis Pride blog. We’ll have the teaser on Onboard TV as soon as Rasmus wraps it up.


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