Photo: Bataleon.

We caught L'Arrogs on Skype and gave him a good old grilling. Since the interview was done he's also got hooked up by O'Neill and both parties are understandably over the moon...

Onboard So it seems you've been busy over the summer with a bunch of sponsor changes, you wanna talk about that?

Julien Haricot Oh yeah... a heavy busy summer! I left Burton to join Bataleon for a new challenge... so stoked, and it’s so good for my motivation.

OB Yeah, I saw the ad Bataleon did with you and your hair like McEnroe in his heyday. How's it working with the boards?

JH Are you talking about my crazy hair? Haha... yeah I guess I have the same problem as Scalp... I must get a deal with LOREAL!

OB Well, I was gonna ask about the whitey-fro but maybe we'll leave that to GQ... Seriously, how did the sponsor change come about?

JH Right, I was riding for Burton on the European team for 7 years, that was a pretty good period for me, and I say thanks to all the people at Burton that helped me during this period. So I was thinking about if my future lay with Burton or another company for a few months, and finally I took the decision to join Bataleon. I think that's the perfect brand for me, and also cause I’ve known all the crew there for a long time. It's an evolution for myself and for my career... and now I prefer to work with a smaller brand but one where I can get a very close relationship with all the people at the office. All these guys are crazy like me... and I'm so stoked to work with them... straight right now!

OB That's cool. Bataleon seems to have a good crew of shredders and guys working for them, and they certainly like to party! How are you finding the boards to ride?

JH Nice that you ask me this question as I just got back from Les 2 Alpes, where I was the last 2 days shooting with Julien "Perly" Petry for Bataleon. It was my first time on one of their boards and to be honest, before my first run, I was thinking: "Damm... new board, new boots, new bindings... dude maybe you don't jump today, and you just shred on the slope!" But fuck, after one run on the slope, I was feeling totally good on the board, and I was starting to ride the big table...

OB Sick.

JH The triple base is a very good system, it’s more easy to land some tricks, and spin tricks to, in that the triple base is really forgiving, like when you’re out of control on a kicker or on the slope... if you know what I mean?!

OB Yeah, you can get away with more stuff and it’s less likely to catch an edge, no?

JH Yeah, I agree with you.

OB So, c'mon tell me: were you riding the FunKink?

JH Haha... you want the war between me and Burton, that's it!? Kill the pig… ahahaha.

OB Nah, just messing.

JH No it's ok, I don't care... the FunKink is pretty fun, like the graphic, but I think it's more a jib board... not really for me, but I will try it for sure! I was riding the RIOT 155.

OB I hear you're on Celsius too?

JH Yeah, I’m riding for Celsius too, on the International team, the same with Bataleon and Elm. Some heavy changes for me... haha. Like it!

OB Still after 7 years, it must be a bit of a difference…

JH Yeah "a bit" like you say, but I really needed it: new goals, new things, a new battle for me...

OB With a whole load of new sponsors and finding new motivation, what do you want to achieve this coming winter?

JH You know what? Last winter was a pretty weird winter for me: no snow, no filming (cause we took the decision to stop doing the Psykopit movie – after 4 movies, we said that is time to change!). So for this winter I really want to film with a good production and a good film crew. And for sure I want to work to get a lot of shots in magazines because I know that my Burton image is very strong, and that for all the people my image is directly the same as that of Burton, so I must to work a lot to change it. I want that everybody know that now I'm a Bataleon rider. I believe in this company and I want to grow up with it!

OB If I had a company I’d want that kind of spirit from the riders. L'esprit d'equipe! Or something...

JH Thanks, but I think that after all these years if I keep the snow motivation it's because I believe in something true about snowboarding. You are maybe alone on your board when you ride, but in your mind there are a lot of people with you, they help you, support you, and believe in you. I’m a sensitive guy, so I really need to feel this support with me, it's so important for me!

OB Anything definite for filming?

JH Not really at the moment. I will know it in September. It depends on which production Bataleon will want to work with, that's it! YEAH FOR IT!!!

OB And as far as shooting pictures goes are you the kind of guy who really likes going on trips to crazy places, or is it all good as long as you're getting the bangers down?

JH I just want to travel a lot, discover some new places, find and ride some new crazy spot... come on Tom, let go to a trip together with a good fucking crazy rider crew, where you want ?

OB I want to go to Kazakhstan…

JH Wow, what a crazy good idea! Is it cool to snowboard there?

OB Mate, it's got fucking huge mountains. Small resorts, but screw it, we could just get in the heli all the time!

JH Oh yeah...We must organize it!

OB I’ll let you know. So, I’d say you're one of the more recognisable faces from the French scene. What's your opinion on where the French scene is at the moment?

JH I think that there are a lot of very good young riders, and I don't know why but the French rider image is not very good.

OB You mean in terms of riding ability, or attitude, or what?

JH A lot of people in the others European country are thinking that we are lazy people, lazy riders.

OB Do you think any of that opinion is justified? Or is it just some shitty stereotype? Like for some reason the some people in Munich think that the Turkish immigrants here are all lazy, but the reality is most of them work super hard.

JH Good example. I was talking about riding ability... for me the French future will be with rider like Arthur Longo (my Psykopit friends), Julien Bogoli (Bataleon rider too), Gerome Mathieu.... and more! I must to help this young generation...

OB In what way?

JH Trying to show them the good direction... how to talk with the brand to get some sponsor, how work with the mag and photographer...

OB For sure. that is super important. Some dudes shred hard but suck at getting them whole 'work' side of things down. And not because of laziness, it's just no ones really there to say how's a good way to handle it.

JH You know what! Since I started snowboarding, the guy I looked to is Nico Droz. He is the perfect example of a fucking amazing career... He just always makes the good decision for himself and for his image... I was trying to follow his example... Damn, he is more than 30 years old, but he is so hot right now, he is so impressive, and I get the feeling that he grows up all the time, year after year... just one of my favourite riders, for life!

OB Hell yeah. Would you say that he's nailed the 'professional' bit of being a professional snowboarder, as well as, of course, the snowboarder bit?

JH Yeah exactly... But never forget to keep the most important aspect of snowboarding... THE FUN! ENJOY SNOWBOARDING WITH YOUR FRIENDS...

OB Amen to that.

JH It seems stupid but it's fucking true... Halleluiah!

OB So what's up with the Psykopit? Like you said, you haven’t done movies this past year, but do you still get to hang out?

JH For sure. The crew stays the same, and all these guy are my friends for life! But everyone get some different season programm for their sponsor or film crews. I'm so stoked for the lil' bastards: Mathieu is still filming for Standard, Morgan for Yeahh Productions, and Bourbous' for Absinthe. I'm so excited to watch their video parts... I’m proud of my friends! Yeah! We trying to spend time together, but now it's just few sessions during the winter, but we spend time during the holidays...

OB The boys have done good, eh? I'm sure you'll all hook up at the premieres and cause havoc in the nightclubs of Europe…

JH Haha... you totally know me... yeah video first, free alcohol and a big party...

OB Yeah. Well, I reckon we got plenty mate. Anything else you wanna talk about?

JH I think we are OK, Tom!

OB Sick. Shoutouts please…

JH Thanks: My mum and my dad, the tinker bell, all my fucking friends, all the people which support me, help me, and believe in me, and for sure all my sponsors: Bataleon snowboards, Smith Optics, O’Neill outerwear, Celsius snowboots, Elm Headband Company, Nixon, Psykopit, Etnies, Ridespirit (snow and skate shop in Paris),

Name: Julien Haricot a.k.a. L'Arrogs Age: 27 Nationality: French Hometown: Vienne, France Stance: +21 -12, 60 cm

Board of choice: Bataleon RIOT 155 and Bataleon JAM 157 Boots: Celsius CLS-7 Bindings: Bataleon bindings for the moment... Outerwear: O’Neill Goggles: Smith Phenom