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Happy Chattin’ – Werni Stock.

[Words: Marko Grgas.] Werni Stock is one of the Austrian young guns who will for sure be turning heads before you know it. In fact he already turned some heads as he took second place at the Air&Style 07 with a toeside Fs 10 that just oozed steeze. Coming from the Zillertal he has got the background to make his way up in the shred scene, which he will do without a doubt. We caught up with him at the O’Neill Evolution Jam in Davos and did a little Q and A session. We present, Werni Stock.

Onboard: Hey Werni, what’s up?

Werni Stock: Not much except for the fact that we’re here at the O’Neill Evolution 2008. It’s a TTR six star event. Yesterday I was riding the Halfpipe Semi Finals, which was cool because it’s the first time that I was riding a really good pipe. Today we’re gonna be riding the Quarterpipe where I’m seeded for the finals which is pretty cool!

OB: Do you think that has anything to do with you placing second at the Air&Style Rookie Challenge? How do feel about it?

WS: All I wanted to do is maybe place amongst the top five or eight. So I was definitely super stoked on second place!

OB: How do you go about big contests like the Air&Style? Do you get nervous or feel any pressure?

WS: Before dropping in I usually get a little nervous, but as soon as I’m on my way down I kinda get in the zone and everything around me just fades away, and I get focused. I forget about the crowd or the cameras.

OB: So what’s next? I hear you will be riding at the BEO next week, and will also be at the Honda Vail Session. Some pretty big contests, eh?

WS: Yeah for sure! I’m stoked on these contests ’cause I get to represent the Austrian scene, which hasn’t really been doing to well contest wise lately.

OB: I’m sure you’re gonna make us proud and represent!

WS: Thanks dude.

OB: You were also at the Oslo Rail Battle. How was that? I saw some footage of crazy people doing frontflips to 50-50s. Insane!

WS: Yeah, it was a pretty cool contest where once again I got to represent rail riding, Austrian style.

OB: Marc Swoboda was also part of the crew, right?

WS: Yeah.

OB: He’s a killer rail rider! He’ll be riding at the Rail Contest at the ISPO. You gonna be there too?

WS: No, don’t think so. It’s kinda in the middle of the season and there are some TTR contests going on. I also have to think about getting a film part together. Don’t really know which crew I will be filming with yet.

OB: You filmed with Hot Zone last year. Cool part. How was it?

WS: It was super fun, and Hot Zone is really awesome ’cause they are supporting the Austrian scene as much as they can, and the best thing is that you can get the DVDs for free.

OB: What’s your whole take on contest riding in comparison to filming. What do you prefer?

WS: It’s hard to say. I like doing both really. For me it’s about having a good time with my buddies and just shredding, regardless whether it’s at a contest or while filming. You just got to keep it fun! That’s key.

OB: You heard it folks! We can’t repeat it enough! It’s all about the FUN! You come from the legendary Zillertal. I know that Peter König (another upcoming Austrian rider) is also from there.

WS: Yeah, we’re actually really good friends. We’ve been shredding together and taking laps at the Penken park for a while now.

OB: Why do think that the Zillertal has already produced so many good snowboarders over the years. I mean, I don’t need to mention the Aesthetiker.

WS: It’s good that you mentioned the Aesthetiker, because I think that they are one of the biggest reasons. When I was a little kid I would look up to them and get inspired and stoked watching them ride. When I got a bit older they were super supportive of me. A big shout out to Wolle! He helped me out a lot and got me hooked up with Salomon, and got the whole ball rolling for me.

OB: I don’t want to think about how the Austrian shred scene would look like today if there weren’t any Aesthetiker. A wasteland!

WS: Yeah I can’t imagine the Zillertal without the Aethetiker!

OB: So are they kinda like you shred dads?

WS: Yeah, something like that.

OB: The Zillertal is a huge valley with an infinite amount of great terrain to ride. What’s your favourite shred spot in the Zillertal?

WS: Oooooh, now it’s getting tricky. I don’t want to give away too much! Hochfügen is cool, as is the Gerlos area. There is one more spot, but that one is on lock down. Sorry.

OB: No worries, I totally understand. Another topic. What’s your favourite trick? Which trick gives you the best feeling in the air?

WS: I would have to go with the 180. Doesn’t matter whether it’s frontside or backside. It’s just the best feeling, ’cause it’s so slow. You can enjoy your time in the air more than with any other trick. It just feels like you’re floating, y’know.

OB: Oh, I’m so happy to hear that! Especially in times where all the kids are doing 10’s at the age of… 10. I mean, you spin too.

WS: In the big comps you gotta spin for points. Spin to win, you know, but then again there are people that can spin with style and others that spin gay. It’s all about the flavour.

OB: Speaking of styled out spins. Your toe-edge 10 indy at the Air&Style was soooo sick!

WS: Thanks. It’s good to hear.

OB: So how is the future looking for Werni?

WS: I don’t know yet. This is my first season where I can concentrate on snowboarding to the fullest, without having to deal with school. Let’s see how this season goes and hopefully I will be able to continue snowboarding for years to come.

OB: For sure. I’m convinced that you’ll be shredding and representing Austria in the future. That’s about all man. Any shout outs?

WS: For sure! A big thanks to Wolle and the Aesthitker, to everyone that supported me over the years, and of course to my sponsors!

OB: All right. We out!

WS: Peace.

Name: Werni Stock
Age: 19
Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Frontline Clothing, Adidas, Hot Zone.


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