Hans Åhlund

Hans Åhlund. Photo: Peter Lundström

Dan: Sup Hans,
your up-and-coming has lots of people in a craze, props dude. Your getting known, does it really affect your personality or your shredding as a whole? I know some shreds get hot-headed at a random point in their ‘career’. If you do stay level headed, what is it that helps you?

I try to keep my head cool. I never drop in on something that I don’t know that I could stomp. It’s always scary, though, to try something hard on something big.
My snowboard career hasn’t been short and fast. I think that some of the dudes that get super good quick and get good deals can’t handle it too good. I try to be cool to the kids and stuff. I hate people that think that they are better than everybody else.

Mike Deane: Hey Hans, what’s up man?
I see that you really shred the handrails. Do you have a lot of trouble with security or not? If so, how do you deal with it? You do some crazy handrails; for sure, you’re a sick rider.

I don’t have too many problems with that kind of stuff ’cause here in Sweden the security guards are pretty mellow. They might stop by and look, and then they see that we don’t break anything and then they leave, hopefully. But with random people it’s almost worse if there’s some smartass that won’t leave and then they call the cops. I try not to draw a lot of attention and choose a good time to go there – more than half of all my rail shoots are at around 1am. I haven’t got any tickets, just one warning from the cops.

Mattias: Hey dude!!
You rock on those street rails! Where do you get all of your crazy ideas from? Peace.

I don’t know, I maybe have a good imagination.

Claes Olsson: Who do you think is the most interesting rail rider in snowboarding today?

I haven’t seen all the new videos yet so that’s hard to say, but Justin Hebbel is dope and the FODT crew are fun to watch. But it’s hard to beat JP Walker in The Resistance and True Life. That stuff at that time… that was dope.

Mattias:Hey Hasse.
My question is: how in hell have you got so f’*cking crazy (excuse my choice of words)? I bet you’re the new JP walker and I think there are many like me who think that (excuse my choice of words). Shred on.

Thanks dude, that’s nice to hear. I got a lot of sick ideas that I’m gonna deal with this winter, so hopefully that’s gone be fun to watch later.

Brial:How the hell do you manage to stay motivated with riding your snowboard 300 days a year? Do you ever get bored? How do you keep it fresh?

I just love snowboarding and I try to learn new tricks, combos, different grabs and all that kind of stuff so it still feels fresh. But I have to admit that sometimes when the weather is shitty and the body is sore, I prefer to chill at home for a little bit.

Edlund: I’m going back to Colorado this winter, and going for two months to Mammoth and June Mountain. Do you have any tips for rails in the area?

Mammoth has got come cool stuff around the gondolas, both down in the village and under the roof on the slope, but you have to be really stealthy if you don’t wanna get caught by the cops.

The Big P: When are ya coming to hit some eastern block countries’ street metal obstacles? We got the craziest shit.

I definitely want to go there. If you or anybody else (in the whole world) knows of some dope rails, send me some pictures to [email protected] and if they look good I might come there.

Jass: Hi Hans!
First of all congratulations, I love your sick style! How long did it take you to get your first sponsor? Was it in an open contest or just riding?

I think I got my first sponsors when I was 16. I sent them a video and some results from contests.

Lee Spence: Hey Hans, how’s it going?
I just wanted to know, being such a tech rail rider, do you train a lot like at the gym for body strength and stamina, and also on smaller rails to build up for the huge ones? Or is it just like trial and error, see what happens and improve as you carry on trying? Take it easy. Peace.

Yo. I’m not a training person, I’ve been running once this summer and that’s it. I don’t like the gym at all, but I like skating and snowboarding. It’s September now as I write this and I’ve already been riding at least five times with ice rink snow on my own small rail. I’m gonna ride a lot of street rails this autumn so it’s good if I got my skills tight.

Roger Andersson:Hey Hans,
How stoked are your sponsors when you ride so many rails and therefore trash so many boards? How many exactly do you break in a season?
Rock on!!!

I try not to fuck up the base too much ’cause then it gets so slow. If I’ve got enough speed, I don’t change my rail board. I probably use around 4-5+ rail boards every year.


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