Following our look at frontside spins in the form of animated GIFs, here are (*drumroll...*) backside spins from 180s to 1080s!

Backside spins are a great starting point if you're looking to try your first rotations on a snowboard. The first 90 degrees may be blind (hence the name backside) making them a little scary at first, but because they're usually popped off the toes, they're definitely a little easier to get to grips with when you're starting out compared with frontside spins.


Like the frontside 360 or the method air, the backside 180 is another trick that has earned a firm place in the snowboard trick hall of fame. Relatively speaking they're one of the easiest spins you can learn but when done properly, they can also be one of the most stylish. Tweaked out indy or melon grabs work really well with them or if you're feeling extra G, do them without a grab MFM or Devun Walsh style.


Backside 540 with Claire Frost


Now we're talking. The back 9 is a pretty hefty trick and one that has been a staple in slopestyle competitions for yonks. As with all backside spins, it's all about giving it the right amount of snap with your shoulders as you leave the lip and holding your toe edge all the way to the take off. Your head and shoulders turn first and the rest of your body follows. In principal anyway. We're sad to say that we've never done a backside 9 ourselves. If we had them on lock we'd probably be snowboarding for a living rather than writing about it...