This season we started a brand new series called GIF us more. If you're not aware what a GIF is, (and no, it's not a brand of re-sealable cellophane bags for keeping sandwiches fresh), they're those mildly amusing/annoying animated videos that you see all over the interweb - mostly of cats doing retarded things or people owning themselves.

We figured that if people wanted to watch those they might just want to watch ones of snowboarders doing rad shit too.

Click through for ten of our favourites from this past season:


Kyle Mack was just 15 when he stomped this hammer at last season's O'Neill Evolution in Davos. Pretty freakin gnarly, and definitely one of the nicer looking triple corks from last season if you ask us.


1620s are definitely hard to make look stylish, although somehow, this one by Ulrik at the Dew Tour looks nay shabby. Maybe even floaty...


Scott Stevens is a bit of a master when it comes to taking one-foot out of his binding and getting fruity with features. This GIF was taken from a banging Videograss edit from Bear Mountain, which, you should totally watch by the way.


Marc Swoboda could very well be one of Europe's finest jibbers. Turns out he can also send it on hips. Here he is going massive at our inaugural Send Off Session event last season. Watch the original footy here and if you haven't seen it yet (where have you been hiding?!) watch the highlights from this year's event, which had an even more monstrous hip...


We love Nicolas Müller and we love a good powder slash. Don't say we don't treat you lot well...


The second time we're featuring Mr. Stevens in this GIF list and a quite frankly absurd switch boneless to front lip 270 off... You can catch this one, along with more footage of both Sleepy and the Bode-Man in this Bear Mountain edit.


We could honestly watch Jussi ride all day. Here's a textbook front double 1080 from one of Burton's Tric Trac edits. Jussi is a boss.


This full part of Nicolas Müller's from Absinthe's Resonance was the most watched full part on Onboard last year. And with tricks like this beauty of a step over, it's easy to see why. This was supposedly Nico's first ever double cork and he made it look like it was a staple front 7.


Bode stomped this bad boy a couple of summers ago at High Cascade and it's still pretty much one of the raddest things we've seen go down on a summer camp kicker.


This is hands down our favourite GIF in this list (geddit?). Watch Len Jorgensen and the rest of the RK1 crew boss it in this edit from Colorado that was arguably one of the sickest park edits of last year. Highly worthy of being played over, and over, and over again...

Look out for more 'GIF us more's' dropping this winter!