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Or rather that should be Laurent-Nicolas Paquin. This French-Canadian has been bringing it with his unique style over the past few seasons, so Onboard decided it was time we got a heads up on snowboarding's foremost 70s throwback...

First up, we’ve gotta ask: what do your buddies call you? LNP? Laurent? Laurent-Nicolas? We read Larry Penguin somewhere... My French friends call me Laurent and my English friends call me Larry. LNP is what the mags call me but I don’t like it when people call me that! Is it a pre-requisite for French-Canadian pros to have three names that can be abbreviated into a cool sounding 3 letters? DCP, MFR, LNP, err maybe there’s not actually that many. Do you think they do it because Americans occasionally have an aversion to all things French? I think they do it 'cause our names are super hard to pronouce in English, so they just call us by our three first letters. Ok. So where are you right now, and what have you just been doing? I’m home right now, just kicking it with the bros. Skating, hanging, swimming and drinking brews with friends.

We’ve all seen your undoubted skills on a snowboard in several movies over the last few years, but we don’t really know a great deal about you. Who is Laurent-Nicolas Paquin? Where are you from? Imagine Onboard isn’t a mag, but a hot girl who wanted to know what you're all about before she decides whether to order or not... [Laughs] I’m from a little town on the south shore of Quebec City called Charny, you pronouce it "sharnee". I’ve snowboard for 13 years now, and I’ve been sponsored for 5 years. I’ve always loved skateboarding more than snowboarding and I’m skateboarding everyday in the summer. Other than that, I like tattoos, movies, beer, dark haired girls, girls with tattoos and all my friends, they're the best dudes in the world pretty much.

Sorry, but we think you may be to blame for our ex-intern almost getting hypothermia. He's a big fan of yours, you see. We went riding powder and he turned up in a shirt, jeans, Wayfarers and a headband. "I have to look good, man!" was what he said when he'd thawed out. Does that make you feel proud or guilty? Kinda both! [Laughs] But the secret, which is actually not one really, is that you can sew your snowboard pants. It’s a pain in the ass but once it’s done you have a swell pair of tight snowboard pants to ride pow in. When did you get the hookup with Rome? They seem like a pretty good match for your approach to snowboarding... I sent in a video five years ago to the company and the rep from Quebec, that was how I got the hook up. I started by paying cost price for boards to getting ones free, then I won a contest in the US and they hooked me up better. Since then I've stayed with them 'cause they treat me good. The team seems to made up of riders who have as diverse a bunch of characters as they do riding styles. How is it being a part of that crew? Yeah, the team is sweet man. A lot of difference between the riders. It’s a sick crew to be part of, we’re all friends and it’s always cool to hang all together. Rome won the Team Shootout last winter, and you bagged a cover in the process. It looks to have been pretty punishing what with night shooting for days straight. What was your take on the experience? Sucked pretty bad, lots of super long waiting in between all the takes. It was like filming a movie for Hollywood, nothing like real snowboarding. But in the end we worked real hard and won so it’s cool. Larry in depth on the Team Shootout, with some killer footage... http://mpora.com/videos/4BOtBbyuh More transworld-team-shoot-out Snowboarding >>

You were mainly shooting with the Videograssers last winter. How was that after filming for the Rome movie the last couple years? It was one of the best winters shooting for sure, no pressure, good people to film with, sick crew... all round good times. Only difference from filming for Rome is the people in it that I met and made friends with. The blurb says it's "A video about what snowboarders want to do. Not about what filmers and team managers think snowboarders should do." What, personally, did you want to do then? And what can we expect from the movie as a whole? When I heard they wanted to do VG and that they wanted me I was hyped. I just snowboarded, like I always do. The movie shows the real aspect of a low budget film with kids that just wants to snowboard. No bullshit extra slow-mo/cable cam/crazy angle/fake intros... Are you stoked on your part? Yeah man, my part is cool. I’m hyped on it. But, you know, your worst critic is yourself so I felt like I didn’t have any overboard backside 3s on and ultra bangers. But it’s a cool part to watch, I guess. [Laughs].

Who else's sections should we be pumped to check out? Everybody, the whole vid is insane. Louif Paradise, Alex Carter, Ben Bilocq, Nick Dirks, Jonas Michilot, Darrel Mathes, Jake OE, Justin Benee, Aaron Biittner. On a more general note, what kind of stuff stokes you out in snowboarding? People that just do what they want and do their best at what they do!

And what pisses you off? Energy drinks sponsors or any type of company that doesn’t have anything to do with snowboarding and just uses it to sell more shit to kids. Those companies should fuck off… even if they give millions of dollars to their riders!

Summer's starting to wind down. Did you hit up all the glaciers or head to the southern hemi, or is summer more time for a break for you. Head to the beach or the skatepark and whatnot? I went to the Whistler glacier for a week. I’m going to Cali with the VG dudes for premieres, surfing, skating and some beach hanging!

When do you expect to get the shred on next then? Probably in November, maybe. It all depends when it starts to snow somewhere.

And do you have any tentative plans as to what you'll be up to next winter yet? VG again for sure, get to film with all the boys and some new ones. It’s gonna be really sick! Is there a possibility of hitting up Europe? We have fine mountains, fine beer and fine women... I’d like too for sure. Maybe we'll have a premiere planned there or just a snowboarding trip!

Ok, thanks a lot for your time Larry. Have a great winter and hope to see you in Europe some time. I’ll make sure to try to get there and hang with the fine women and drink fine beers!

Now check out the re-edited version of Larry's part in last year's Rome team flick, No Correct Way below... http://mpora.com/videos/dfpXdQCkP More lnp Other >>