Our full online parts countdown continues with Eero Ettala's appearance in Euro Gap 3, one of our favourite movies from last season. Style, versatility, Finnish humour: a must watch by all means.

Eero Ettala was instrumental in not only bringing back the Euro Gap flavour for one last dance, he also scored one of the movie’s best parts, showing off his circular skills from downtown to the park to the BC. Hell, he was so stoked on the project he even went full chimp and got naked. Yep, the film came out in 2010 but Eero only got around to releasing his part from it in October 2011. This scored him 23 Fuck Yeahs* and rank 9 in the best online video parts of the year.

Rider: Eero Ettala

Movie: The Shred Remains

Posted Online: 10.10.2011

Fuck Yeah! Score*: 22

[* We used a complex scientific calculation method to determine the quality of these clips. Every time something stoked us out we had to exclaim 'Fuck Yeah!'. It could be a triple cork, it could be some rail dancing, it could be a face shot, it could be some editing, but once uttered it was noted down and added up at the end. The part with the most 'Fuck Yeah!'s won.]