In 2011, no girl delivered a better online video part than Dutch ripper Cheryl Maas. What made us think so? She charges all kinds of terrain, has great style, and laid down doubles, which are a very rare feat in female snowboarding. Watch her part.

All last winter, Cheryl filmed for her own web show Open Air. At the end of it, she not only had enough footage for a full-on video part, it also blew all female competition out of the water. And quite frankly, some of the guys, too. Our Fuck Yeah's were evenly distributed over her backcountry skills, her rail efforts, and her park laps. Good stuff from start to finish.

Oh, and if we didn't say it to you already, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Movie: Open Air Web Show

Posted Online: 24.11.2011

Fuck Yeah! Score*: 24

[* We used a complex scientific calculation method to determine the quality of these clips. Every time something stoked us out we had to exclaim 'Fuck Yeah!'. It could be a triple cork, it could be some rail dancing, it could be a face shot, it could be some editing, but once uttered it was noted down and added up at the end. The part with the most 'Fuck Yeah!'s won.]