Though in Absinthe's twe12ve Bode Merrill's full part is a 2-tune bangfest - one backcountry, one urban - in the online world we've only been treated to the urban one. It's so sick that even with the pow missing it still made Number 5 in our list of the best full parts posted in 2011. Check it.

We can tell you this for nothing: had Absinthe released Bode's full full part, passing sailors would have blushed at the avalanche of Fuck Yeah!'s* spewing forth from the Onboard office. As it is, he ends up in 5th place in our considered evaluation of the best full parts posted online in 2011 which, really, deserves an award of its own. Heavy.

Movie: twe12ve

Posted Online: 17.10.2011

Fuck Yeah! Score*: 31

[* We used a complex scientific calculation method to determine the quality of these clips. Every time something stoked us out we had to exclaim 'Fuck Yeah!'. It could be a triple cork, it could be some rail dancing, it could be a face shot, it could be some editing, but once uttered it was noted down and added up at the end. The part with the most 'Fuck Yeah!'s won.]