Friedrich May is a chiller… even when it’s all about getting to the mountains in time to enjoy a beautiful day of snowboarding, which makes me livid sometimes. He has actually become an example in friends’ conversations – they explain how stressful university is by saying “even Friedl started studying now!" He’s a styler: everything he does, he does with style. He’s a friend: I’ve never had more fun being a shithead than with this guy! He’s a hypochondriac: he always has a cold, a sore throat or the flu. Some people might even call him squeamish. He’s a visionary: there is no idea too crazy and no journey to thrilling for Friedl. He’s just Friedl!

By Ellias Elhardt

How old are you? 23

Where is your home town? Munich

Sponsors? Elan, Electric, Ziener, Deeluxe, 5ive

Goofy or regular? Regular

What is the width of your stance and what angles do you have on front and back bindings? 64cm width, –15° on the back foot and 18° on front

When did you first get sponsored and how? A friend of mine, Hansi, told me that Elan was searching for riders. So I knocked on their door, and they were really happy to put me in their team.

Which resort do you call home? Hahnenkamm in Reutte

Are you more of a film and photo rider or a contest dude? If there is a good setup, I would prefer the photo session. But there is nothing better than a great powder kicker session with my friends.

What is the coolest contest you have ridden in and why? The RedBull Stairway to Heaven was definitely my favourite competition ever. I took everything so easy, tried a jump I hadn’t done for years and at the end I made first place with that trick: awesome! On top of that I won a trip to Capetown, which was one of my best holidays ever.

Do you have any impressive contest results? German Champion in Slopestyle 07 and as I told you, winner of the RedBull Stairway to Heaven

Do you have a favourite terrain to ride or is it all good? I like good parks, tree runs, cliff drops and I love powder jumps

Which riders have influenced your riding the most and why? Elias Elhardt, because he is the sickest rider ever. He’s coming back, you’ll see!

Which crew you usually ride with? LaFamiglia: we are coming! Style or size? And why? Style and size. If you’ve got the wrong size, it’s hard to show a good style. What is your most stylish trick? And which is your most killer trick? That’s a hard question, but I think it’s the frontside 5 nosegrab. I’m waiting for the right moment to land my first nice switch backside 10. What qualities in your opinion make a top pro stand out from the rest? He needs to be different. If you wanna be really successful, you’ve got to do your own thing, work on your own dreams to let them come true. Have a look at Travis Rice. He never tried to copy the other riders, he has his own style and he works hard on his tricks to step them up. He does the best trick right now: the backside rodeo 1080.