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Flatland Tricks

Word Fresh, Gs. Back-to-back 1080s are all fine and dandy, but going for a burn and busting out flatland tricks is one of the funnest things you can do on a shred stick, and will improve your board control too. Get buttering that muffin!

Words: Ronnie Andersson
Sequences: Peter Lundström


Step one (1-4)
This trick is perfect for powder and you can have a lot of speed. Find out what speed feels comfortable for you. Pop a frontside 180 and try to land in a switch 5-0 position. It’s important that you have your weight a little bit back: it makes it a lot easier to do a good press.

Step two: (5-8)
Keep on pressing the switch 5-0 and turn your head to look under the trailing arm over what’s now your ‘tail’ and pop a switch backside 180 out.

Step three: (9-12)
When you land after the switch backside 180 part, put your toe edge down hard to stop the rotation and just ride away smooth still with all your speed left. Remember that the more you pop, the better it looks.

LEVEL Medium:

Step one: (1-3)
This trick is my favourite, because it looks so smooth and fluid. It’s perfect to do off small or big drops, and you can have almost whatever speed you want. Just ride in normal and prepare for a backside 180.

Step two: (4-7)
This one you also land in a switch 5-0 position after the backside 180, so remember to have your weight slightly back. Try to hold a good press, turn your head towards the tail and look for the spot where you want to do the final bit of the trick.

Step three: (8-11)
When you arrive to the spotted destination, you try to pop as much as you can and spin a Cab 360. You will find it really easy to do that spin because it comes kind of natural from that first backside 180 you just did, so just let the board do the work and you can think about other stuff, like what flavour you want in your latté. Then just land, go down to the café and buy it.


Step one: (1-3)
This one is a little tricky because it’s really easy to catch your heel edge. So a bit of good advice is to not have too much speed the first couple of times you try this. Find your speed and do a big nollie and try to turn slightly backside, because you want to land backside 90 on your tail. It’s important that you look at your nose the whole time.

Step two: (4-6)
So now you’ve nollied yourself into a backside tail position, try to stall it good and remember to look at your nose to keep the balance. Now pop yourself back in the starting position but land just on the nose and at the same time you turn your head and look under the arm facing your tail.

Step three: (7-9)
Now we are at the critical moment. The second the nose hits the ground, turn the board backside 180 from your nose. It might feel a little bit awkward, but if you have turned your head at the right time it will work out fine. If you get it right it feels like you are doing a shove-it revert on a skateboard and it kind of looks that way too, so keep on practising and you’ll find that the trick’s really fun and it increases your board control.


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