Just a short timehop this week, but still it's one hell of a part. Gigi Rüf's footage from Pirates' 2014 movie, Perceptions, is memorable for the frankly insane iceberg session, but there's also a raft of classic Gigi natural terrain freestyle steeze throughout.

For Perceptions, the Pirates crew decided to focus on showing footage from individual trips together, complemented by sequences of portraits of the colourful locals they met on their travels and some breathtaking scenic shots, all captured in razor sharp 4K. We confess, when producer Basti Balser encouraged us to watch the teaser at the full 4K resolution it almost killed our poor German internet, but watching the movie on the big screen at the premiere was certainly a sight to behold.

And as he's done for pretty much every Pirate production since they began, Gigi was an integral part of the crew and locked in yet more of his iconic big mountain freestyle throughout the winter of shooting, not to mention that madness on the iceberg. But while in the full film Gigi's footage is split up throughout, thanks to the joys of the internet and the demands for an avalanche of content, upon the movie's release the Pirates also cut together individual parts from some of the movie's riders, hence we can flash you back to all the Mr Rüf goodness in one html5 embed code.