Jake Blauvelt has been pumping out his tasty Naturally episodes over the last 8 months and now he's primed to drop the 'all thriller, no filler' full online part here on September 7. We caught up with JB for this exclusive interview. Peep it.

Jake Blauvelt is a dude. Super mellow, super friendly, scarily talented. So when he knocked on our office window in the middle of a Munich summer downpour we had no hesitation to inviting him in, getting some good Bavarian beer in his gut and sticking a camera in his face to get the lowdown on his Naturally series, the imminent release of his full online part, his particular brand of natural terrain freestyle, and more. And if that's not enough then make sure you pick up Onboard issue 123 where we have another interview with JB, delving even deeper into what makes him tick.

We also inadvertently sat him down in the hottest part of our sauna-like office, hence the forehead sheen. Sorry 'bout that Jake.

Check it out and make sure to come back on Wednesday, September 7 when Jake's full online part will drop exclusive to Onboard in Europe.