[Arthur Longo: King of Sidehits, and most other kinds of hits you can imagine. Photo: Matt Georges.]

Equally capable of destroying Olympic-sized pipes, backcountry booters and Alaskan lines, the dude voted into third place by our panel is one of the most well-rounded riders around. He's also the undisputed King of the side hits...

“Your favorite snowboarder’s favorite snowboarder"

- Nils Arvidsson

Olympic halfpipes are one thing, huge backcountry booters are another, but being able to capture the imaginations of pretty much the entire snowboard world with an edit dedicated just to side hits takes something else. Take all three, wrap it all up in an achingly cool French package and you have Arthur Longo, Les Deux Alpes’ hometown hero.

Even though ‘Side Hits Euphoria’ (don’t forget Olivier Gittler, long time friend and collaborator on SHE) became the success it was, it definitely wasn’t down to Longo constantly spamming social media. Quality over quantity is obviously more his style, and that plays a big part in his positioning on this list - it’s refreshing to see a rider these days comfortable letting his talent do the talking rather than leaving it to the emojis.

“I have always voted for him when I've been asked. He really represents what I love in snowboarding, and he does it so easy!"

- Valerian Ducourtil


Though it’s not out until January, it’s safe to say that his part to play in the forthcoming Vans movie Landline will be beast, and as the sole Euro amongst the headlining heavy hitters like Jake Kuzyk and Pat Moore all the evidence so far suggests he’ll be representing the continent well. They even gave him a pro model boot this year!

Able to conquer everything from contest pipes to Alaskan faces, he’s one of the greats of contemporary snowboarding, yet remains understated and humble. Mythical status calls down the road, but for now a spot in this righteous poll is more than deserved.