A big metal “aaaahhh" goes out to this month’s subject of Rig, Mr Eirik Haugo. The 24-year-old ripper from Voss, in Norway, has been riding for 12 years thanks to the influence of his brothers and a misspent youth on a skate. Although not placed highly in the TTR rankings, Haugo proves his rip-worthiness in both print and film – check out his part in this season’s Pirates movie, Walk The Plank. Photo: Scalp Your sponsors? O’Neill, Santa Cruz, Vans, Smith, Session Boardshop

What is your chosen all-round board? And can you describe it? The Santa Cruz Fusion 157 is pretty much the only board I ride: it turns really well, has a good pop to it and works for everything. I take the 154 for jibs and small stuff.

Do you usually change your board for different conditions and if so what is your park board and pow machine? I just change the stance a bit for powder, setting the binding back a few centimetres.

What is your stance? +15 front, –9 back, not sure about the width.

What is rad about riding for Santa Cruz? They are sick boards and cool people and they also have skate and surfboards!

Which bindings are you rocking? Can you describe them a little? I ride the Guerilla division bindings. They are really comfortable bindings, with no pressure points and just the right flex.

And do you ride with your front strap on your toes bridging your foot? How do you find this helps your riding? I ride the toe strap the old school way.

What are your chosen boots? Vans BFB

Are your boots stiff or soft? And do you crank up your laces or ride with them loose? They are a happy medium but I like to tighten the laces pretty hard.

What pants and jacket are you sporting? And are there any special features in them that particularly turn you on? The freedom Mondriaam jacket and the Explore Scientific pant are working out for me as they are really comfortable pieces of clothing, and of course anything out of the H4 series is pretty amazing.

Do you layer up with technical base layers and all that jazz or just wear a hoody and not give a damn that cotton stays wet? I like to stay dry when I’m shooting and filming. The O’Neill first layers helps me out with that.

Do you wear protection – like helmet and or pads when snowboarding? I wear a back protector, and a knee warmer thing for my operated knee.

What one thing do you never forget to pack in your day pack if you are going shooting? Extra everything.