We brought you the teaser to Cooking With Gas - Eero Ettala and Heikki Sorsa's upcoming series of webisodes - the other day, but we wanted more so sat down with them in Japan to get the skinny. Check the exclusive chat with a couple bangers thrown in for good measure...

Back in the day Eero and Heikki were inseparable: riding together, travelling together, filming together... but as time went on they inevitably got on different schedules and weren't able to hang and shred as much as they'd like. But today the internet's kind of a big deal and they've managed to pull it together to hook up and produce a series of webisodes, titled Cooking For Gas, that'll follow their exploits this season as they beat the snow-chasing trail around the planet. Episode 1 will be live and exclusive on Onboard next week, so we caught up with the Finns in Japan to find out what we can expect.

Check out the chat, plus some exclusive action footage.