Name: Dmitry Fesenko

Age: 24

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Dmitry mainly focused on shooting with the Pirates last winter, which he said “was so nice with a lot of good pow and I had nice time," but he also managed to film for the Russian project Sreriotactic, hit up a few contests and shot a bunch of photos too. And what was his best trip of the year? “Kashmir. It was a sick trip. So crazy."

What was the first board you ever owned?

I can remember some Look mono ski, but after one week I got a Burton Twin.

Board of choice: Burton Uninc 154, Blunt 147

Boot of choice: Burton Ion

Binding of Choice: Burton Cartel

Goggle of choice: Electric EG1

Outerwear of Choice: Burton Ronin Transition Jacket, Burton Ronin 2L Pant

Stance, width, angles: Regular, wide, front +18° / back –9°

Sponsors: Burton snowboards, Red Bull, Nokia, Electric, DVS, Flammable family, Nixon

What's so special about the board you ride?

It’s so nice because I can ride pow and park at the same time and not have to change my board. I can ride everywhere because it’s wide and has a super nice shape.

What about your boots?

You know that Burton boots are so good with lacing – you can do them up in one second – and also they’re not that soft but stiff.

What do you look for in your bindings?

Just that the boots fit with the binding like a nice French kiss. And also I love green coloured ones.

What’s so dope about the outerwear you’re rocking?

I love the colour of my stuff. And I’m not a gangster but I do love baggy outerwear. I like freak colours and Burton has a lot of that.

What one other item do you always go riding with?

I don’t know, maybe my wallet to get some drinks with and for sure my Nokia phone to be in contact with all my buddies.