It’s hard to find someone who thinks just like you do, but that’s exactly what UNKL found in snowboarding gear company, Defcon. Showing what each company does best, UNKL and Defcon have partnered to release a series of UNKL-inspired snowboarding gloves and a Defconinspired custom SUG vinyl figure.

Way back when, Todd Crisman, founder of Defcon, set out on quest to vanquish the woe of cold, wet uncomfortable hands forever. In the depths of his parents basement at all hours of day or night, Crisman could be found tearing apart old gloves he found flawed, then refashion vastly improved versions from superior materials on his mom's sewing machine. Over the years, his do-it-yourself work ethic along with a global research and development crew of professional riders has generated some of the best snowboarding gloves on the market.